Those Who Had Known Love

Those Who Had Known Love

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Author: Anita Agnihotri
Translator(s): Rani Ray
Publisher: Srishti
Year: 2000
Language: English
Pages: 204
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8187075562


An English translation of novel Jara Bhalobesechhilo originally written in Bengali.

Calcutta in the seventies - a place where, amidst political unrest, love blossomed in the quiet afternoons under the spell of the songs of Rabindranath Tagore mingling with the melodies of western classical music.

It was the city where Rukmini spent her childhood and her adolescence and found love. Career takes Rukmini to the cloud-laden mountains of Mussoorie, where men and women like her have come to learn about India, that is Bharat. As she travels from Mussoorie to Madhya Pradesh and to Bihar, moving through vast landscapes, coming across unfamiliar faces, and encounters the harsh realities of poverty, illiteracy and unequal development, the question, where is real India, keeps continually cropping up in her mind. However the strains of 'romantic idealism' of the seventies remain the source of haunting tenderness that balances the disturbing experience of the real India.


Rani Ray has taught English literature at the Universities of Delhi and California. She has translated Suchitra Bhattacharya's novel Bhangan Kaal Falling Apart, and has co-translated two anthologies of contemporary Bangla short stories.