Lord Buddha

Lord Buddha

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Author: Daljeet
Publisher: Aravali Books International
Year: 1998
Language: English
Pages: x
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A portfolio of 9 color plates with an 8-page introduction and descriptions of the plate selected from National Museum, New Delhi and Govt. Museum and Art Gallery, Chandigarh.

As the Buddhist literature, legends and mythology have it, Buddha, the Enlightened One, was born at Lumbini, in the foot hills of Nepal around the year 563 BC. Before he was conceived, his mother Mayadevi, the queen of the Sakya King of Kapilvastu, had a strange dream. The queen saw that a white elephant descended from the sky, thrice walked round her and entered her womb. The strangeness of the dream greatly perturbed her.

In the morning she related it to her husband King Suddhodana, who perturbed alike, summoned from around all learned men and asked them to interpret the queen's dream. They all held that the queen would beget a son who would either be a great monarch, or a great ascetic and sway over the entire world either as a ruler or as a law-giver.

Color plates included in this portfolio depict Buddha in several forms.