The Blue Bedspread

The Blue Bedspread

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Author: Raj Kamal Jha
Publisher: Picador India
Year: 1999
Language: English
Pages: 228
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0330373862


Now issued in paperback edition, a much acclaimed novel short-listed for various International honors.


A powerful, haunting and sometimes shocking novel that deserves to be read at one sitting and then re-read. - Irish Times

The Blue Bedspread is a novel about a man without a name, in a city, any city, it could be Calcutta. It is lonely, elegiac and ultimately celebratory . . The Blue Bedspread is important because it is authentic in its voice, in its depiction of the internal sensibility of a culture that is enervated, exhausted, driven by pain and despair and joylessness to the very edge. From that edge comes a re-affirmation of strength, a revalidation of joy. - Namita Gokhle, The Hindu

Enchanting. Jha is not afraid to risk emotion, but he never falls into the trap of sentimentality. That is, in itself, a considerable achievement. - Daily Telegraph

Jha has real knack for narrative, alternating urgency and delay to the point where his virtuoso handling of the story becomes almost tricky .. He is a remarkable writer. - Sunday Times

This is an intricate book that moves effortlessly between past and present, the writing immaculately sparse yet evocative. - Time Out

A grand work of images and words, a rich depiction of a drying, derelict world which shadow people - extraordinary in their ordinariness - inhabit. - Asian Age