Peace in Winter gardens - Ordinary People Extraordinary Lives

Peace in Winter gardens - Ordinary People Extraordinary Lives

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Author: Anees Jung
Publisher: Penguin
Year: 2000
Language: English
Pages: 239
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0140295712


A travelogue of stories about some of the most difficult human problems on the planet and the creative ways in which visionary individuals and groups have risen above them to gain a view of their membership in the human family.

Ms Jung tells the stories with extraordinary perceptiveness, openness and sensitivity. Written in a universalistic spirit, they will help to rescue those who feel perpetually trapped in the deathly hold of divisive inter-ethnic and international conflict and they give bright hope for genuine reconciliation and lasting peace.

Anees Jung's book is one of hope. The landscape of hopelessness through which she travels, whether it is Ireland or the Holy Land or suddenly coming across a woman planting tomatoes in the ruins of Bosnia, speaks of the indomitable spirit that awakes in men and women who are on notice. With its vivid dialogues and unstated implications, the author tells us who we really are, befuddled, uncertain, racing into yet another millennium as much at sea as ever before. This book should be read as much for its simplicity and appeal as for those unsaid things that lie between the lines.


Anees Jung, who sees the world with her heart, translates it with a very sensitive mind into words, Unveils in a magisterial way the subtle threads of the tissue of our everyday life. - Federico Mayor, Director General of UNESCO