In Pursuit of Lakshmi - The Political Economy of the Indian State

In Pursuit of Lakshmi - The Political Economy of the Indian State

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Author: Lloyd I Rudolph
Susanne Hoeber Rudolph/
Publisher: Orient Longman
Year: 1998
Language: English
Pages: 529
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8125015515


Using the goddess Lakshmi as a metaphor for the aspirations of the nation and its people, eminent scholars offer a comprehensive analysis of India's political economy.

India occupies a paradoxical place among nation states; it is both developed and underdeveloped, rich and poor, strong and weak. These contrasts locate the country in the international order. The Rudolphs' theory of demand and command polities provide a general framework for explaining the special circumstances of the Indian experience.

Contrary to what one might expect in a country with great disparities, no national party, right or left, pursues the polities of class. Instead, the Rudolphs argue, private capital and organized labor in India face a third factor - the state.

In analyzing the relationship between India's politics and its economy, the Rudolphs maintain that the country's economic performance has been only marginally affected the regime in power.

The scope and explanatory power of this book will it essential for all those interested in political economy, comparative p[politics and Asian studies.


Lloyd I Rudolph and Susanne Hoeber Rudolph are both professors of political science at the University of Chicago. Susanne is President of the Association of Asian Studies; Lloyd is chairman of the Committee on International Relations at the University of Chicago.

The Rudolphs are authors of numerous books on India including The Modernity of Tradition and Gandhi, both published in India.