Indian Birds

Indian Birds

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Author: R K Gaur
Publisher: Brijbasi
Year: 1994
Language: English
Pages: 120
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8171070310


This work is primarily a portfolio of bird pictures, selected from the works of a dedicated photo-naturalist and is accompanied with light and eminently readable narrative.

Almost all existing books on Indian birds are either bulky ornithological treatises or small handbooks with descriptions and notes which rely heavily on line drawings or color sketches for illustrations. There are only a couple of recent books that have been illustrated with photographs, but these are dedicated to particular habitats or areas.

Over the past decade or so; nature photography has taken great strides and several Indian photo-naturalists have produced work of high quality. There is now much greater scope for illustrating natural history publications - more accurately and with more life than ever before, using photographs. This book is just one in this category.

Author's main passion is to observe and document birds as birds, living creatures rather than sets of biological and statistical data. He has largely avoided repeating basic data and figures about anatomy, measurements, and other biological details that can be obtained from any handbook.

His light and eminently readable narrative takes the reader into the fascinating realm of bird life. Yet, his writing clearly reflects a naturalist's concern, based on years of painstaking observation.