Great Works of Indian Art

Great Works of Indian Art

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Author: Douglas Mannering
Publisher: Parragon Book Service
Year: 1996
Language: English
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0752511416


This superb album provides an invaluable guide to the world's great artists, and contains a comprehensive introduction and a magnificent collection of great works, each of which is accompanied by an explanatory caption.

For thousands of years, the Indian sub-continent has been the battleground of conquerors and the birthplace of great religions, so it is hardly surprising that its arts have been uniquely varied and moving., Indian sculpture embraces severe portraits of the Buddha, 'the Compassionate one', along with female spirits of disconcerting voluptuousness and wonderfully poised, multi-limbed figures of gods such as Shiva, stepping out to cosmic rhythms as the Lord of the Dance.

In painting, Hindi miniatures illustrated the adventurers of gods and lovers, while the Mughal emperors patronized a brilliant, elegant, court art featuring portraits, battle scenes and everyday events such as polo matches.

No book could do full justice to Indian Art, but the plates in this book make a superb introduction to an unforgettable subject.