Seasons of Flight

Seasons of Flight

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Author: Manjushree Thapa
Publisher: Aleph Book Company
Year: 2012
Language: English
Pages: 255
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9789382277491


Prema, a young woman adrift in war-torn Nepal, with little to bind her to her family, village and country, wins a green card in a US government lottery and emigrates to Los Angeles. In this unfamiliar metropolis she struggles to invent a life she can call her own, even as love and sexual awakening transform her.

And in the end, a chance discovery of the endangered El Segundo Blue butterfly brings her to a fragile sense of belonging.

'A great read from a distinctive and elegant writer at the top of her game.'
= India Today

A well-crafted novel, and beautifully written.
= Khushwant Singh, Hindustan Times

'Manjushree Thapa's novel is pure poetry… Since novels about immigrants are churned out by the more striking for the way in which it makes the usual rare.'
=The Telegraph

'A delightful read about self-discovery, sexual awakening and the search for an identity in a foreign land.'
=The Hindu

'Thapa has a light touch and maintains an admirable balance between telling a story and making socio-cultural observations.'

Dealing sensitively with the dilemma faced by immigrants who find themselves at home neither in their land of origin nor in their adopted country, Thapa avoids the temptation to make larger political or social statements about the two societies […] Thapa's lucid prose describing [her protagonist's] thoughts and emotions rings true to life, and is the novel's most significant strength […] [A] near-perfect performance.'
=Himal Southasian

'As one woman's personal story, as an immigrant narrative, Thapa's novel is engaging. But it's the background of Nepali politics and the country's moment in history that lends it force. After all, it is a territory where Thapa, whose former work includes the critically acclaimed Forget Kathmandu, is on firm ground.'
=The Indian Express

'A brilliantly poetic and yet so contemporary a tale of a young Nepali woman's […] journey in search of personal fulfillment […] Through all [the] multiple layers and themes […] [y]ou sense Nepal's melancholy and feel the emptiness of life torn by strife,and you also live the air-conditioned loneliness of Los Angeles. And this is the mark of an extraordinary author.'
=The Sunday Indian

Manjushree Thapas's Season of Flight is many things - a love story, an immigrant tale,a matter-of-fact telling of the costs of war, a manifesto for environmentl conservation, a meditatin on faith and chance. A novel could sag under the burden of such weighty themes, but Thapa pulls them together flwlessly.
= India Today

A haunting tale of misplced identities, and at the same time, an expression of solitude…Seasons of Flight [is] a book for the 21st century Nepali: young, eager to migrate because of the lack of opportunities, and tormrnted by the constant turmoil back home.'
=The Kathmandu Post


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