Surya Kriya   -  The Pathway to Immortality

Surya Kriya - The Pathway to Immortality

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Author: Swami Buddh Puri
Publisher: Unicorn Books/Pustak Mahal
Year: 2011
Language: English
Pages: 171
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788178062419


This book, dealing with the subject of immortality in general and with Surya Kriya Yoga in particular, derives its heart from the writings of Swami Buddha Puriji that were originally available in Hindi. In addition, the original and well-researched medical inputs form
Dr Sachn Mishra, a practising neurologist, (Presently Fellow at the Clgary Stroke Program, Canada) enrich the text by putting forth the various concepts in he language of modern medical science.

Surya Kriya: The Pathway to Immortality is at once both a path and a practice that traces the trail of these adept masters as they transformed from being ordinary humans to becoming superhuman immortal masters. To a yearning aspirant the book describes a direct practical path in form of Siddhamrit Surya Kriya Yoga to begin at once this ascent to the immortal state.

To the skeptic the book talks in enough depth, taking recourse to the scriptures and researches of the medical science wherever necessary, to bring forth the point that human evolution to state of superhuman existence, which is free from disease, old age, death and a harbinger of the Divine Consciousness upon the material plane of existence is a fantasy with full potential of becoming a reality.

Swami Ramalingam – the deathless saint, Mahavtar Babaji – the Immortal Master, Sri Aurobindo – the spiritual revolutionary extraordinaire, Lord Hanuman – the foremost exponent of Solar Science, are few among those Masters whose words and descriptions await you in this book.

This book by Swami Buddhpuri is an interesting attempt to cover the deeper aspects of Yoga. He has laid special emphasis upon the sun and sunlight, and has interpreted ancient texts in the contemporary context.

Swami Buddhupuriji clearly a person who has delved deep into the spiritual quest and has presented his findings to the general public through this book. I am sure it will be of a widespread interest not only in India but around the world wherever Yoga is practiced.
= Dr Karan Singh, Visionary Indian Statesman, Cultural Ambssador

Siddhamrita Sury Kiran Yog is a path of descent like "Divine Grace", easier and supremely more fruitful.

Extremely energizing and is extremely easy to perform works wonderfully in correcting diseases physical or mental.
= Yoga World (Greek Magazine)


Foreword by Dr. Sachin Mishra
Sanskrit Pronunciation Guide
Introduction by Svami Buddha Puri Ji

Part A: A Descent Divine: Introductory Talks on Physical Immortality
1. The First Principles
2. Enlightening Evidence
3. The Superhuman State

Part B: The Sun in the Superhuman Sky: Advent of Siddhamrta Surya Kriya Yoga Overview
4. Hanumana Eats the Sun
5. Why the Sun
An Expanse So Huge
The Food of the Future
The Elixir Medicine
Medical Opinion 1: The Beneficial Effects of Sunlight
6. Eating the Sun
Scientific Mechanism of SSKYoga

Part C: As the Energy Flows: The Process of Siddhamrta Surya Kriya Yoga
7. Breaking the Ice
8. Stage 1: The Why's
9. SSKYoga: Stage One in Motion
10. Onwards the River Flows

Appendix: On the Genesis of SSKYoga
The Shabad Surati Sangam Ashram