Teachings Of The Vedas

Teachings Of The Vedas

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Author: Inder Dev Khosla
Publisher: DAV Publication Division
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 230
ISBN/UPC (if available): 81-89492-01-2


There is a dearth of authentic book on Vedic Philosophy which are written in a simple and lucid language. ‘Teachings of the Vedas is a notable contribution in this regard.

Vedas are not to be approached from outside only by men of learning or of scholarship or possessing superior intellect, as some pedants assert. Their doors are always open to one and all, irrespective of caste, color, creed, and land.

Anyone possessing full faith in God and His Divine dispensation (Vedas), who tries to enter grace. Just as we milch a cow and get milk, so also when we plunge deep into this Ocean of knowledge, we derive nectar of life.


Chapter 1: The Three Eternals
Chapter 2: Two Paths
Chapter 3: God Parmeshvara
Chapter 4: Soul
Chapter 5: Matter
Chapter 6: Antahkarna Mental Horizon (Conscience)
Chapter 7: Breath
Chapter 8: Salvation (Mukti or Moksha)
Chapter 9: Creator and the Creation of the Universe
Chapter10: Theory of Karma and Reincarnation
Chapter11: Vedic Concept of Time
Chapter12: Goal of Human Life
Chapter13: Universal Fraternity
Chapter14: Science and Spirituality
Chapter15: Social Philosophy
Chapter16: Science of Morals
Chapter17: Education
Chapter18: Ecology
Chapter19: Epiphenomenism
Chapter20: Epistemology
Chapter21: Fine Arts in Vedas
Chapter22: Work Is Worship
Chapter23: Vedic Concept of Democratic State and its functioning