A History of Bharat's North-East

A History of Bharat's North-East

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Author: Surender Mohan Gupta
Foreword/Introduction: Lt Gen S K Sinha
Publisher: DAV Publication Division
Year: 2011
Language: English
Pages: 284
ISBN/UPC (if available): 81-89492-59-4


North – East has been an integral part of India since the epic age. The tribes may not have been fully assimilated with Indian civilization and culture but the people of the Brahmaputra and Surma valleys have always been fully integrated with the rest of the Nation.

Yet somehow there has been much ignorance about the North-East among our people. It is said that when people in Delhi think about the North-East they think of it as a far off remote place and when people there, think of Delhi, they have a feeling of neglect and a realization of economic disparity.

After Independence, tribal people from the North-East visiting Delhi would often be asked which country they came from! I remember that in 1956 when Naga insurgency erupted, most people in our country did not know the difference between Naga Hills (now Nagaland) and NEFA (now Arunachal Pradesh).

This book provides a comprehensive much needed knowledge about the history of this region and the present situation in the eight States of the North-East.

The most disturbing thing about Bharat’s North-Eastern Region is the conspicuous ignorance on the part of fellow Indian citizens about its strategic importance and the historical role played by its people in preserving the cultural unity of India as a nation.

The region, which accounts for 7.9 percent of India’s total geographical area and 3.8 percent of its population, continues be beset with insurgency, infiltration, ethnic strife and emotional detachment. The present book is therefore an attempt to motivate our historians to look into the past and present history of various parts of the North-Eastern Region in a more objective manner.

North-East India, as we find it today, is essentially creation of the British. The inhabitants of the Brahmaputra valley, who are deemed to be the children of Brahma, cannot be considered as Pre-Aryan Invasion Theory which is a gift to the West to India , has shrouded the prehistoric ant proto historic periods of Brahmaputra valley in a big mystery.

Assam was known as ‘Pragjyotisha’ and ‘Kamrup’ in ancient times. The history of Pragjyotisha or Kamrup is as old as the Ramayana and the Mahabharata epic periods or its history dates back to the era of Ramayana and Mahabharata.


1. North-eastern Region At A Glance
2. Brahma’s Children
3. Kamarupa
4. The Ahom Empire Period (1228 - 1826)
5. Kamakhya Temple
6. Sri Sankaradeva
7. The Koch Kingdom
8. Muslim Invasions
9. British Rule
10. 1942 Mass Upsurge
11. I.N.A Campaign
12. India Attains Independence
13. Sylhet Referendum
14. Betrayal Of Chakmas
15. Mother Assam
16. 1962 Debacle
17. Arunachal Pradesh
18. 1971 War
19. Nagaland
20. Rani Gaidilu
21. Mizoram
22. Meghalaya
23. Manipur
24. Tripura
25. Sikkim
26. Insurgencies
27. Regional Governance