Joy Of Spirituality

Joy Of Spirituality

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Author: Prema Nandakumar
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Publisher: Sri Ramakrishna Math
Year: 2012
Language: English
Pages: 329
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788178236926


Joy is what everyone is searching for. Saint or sinner, young or old, poor or rich, learned or ignorant-irrespective of what one is and does, it is joy that everyone is seeking. Some succeed in getting joy, some remain unhappy.

In any case, whatever joy one gets, one soon finds its fleeting and passing nature. Real joy, says Sri Ramakrishna, is the joy of the spirituality. Springing out from its eternal source, the atman, the joy of spirituality fulfils life, gives it a new meaning and purpose. Sri Ramakrishna was joy personified.

His life and teaching are a living source of inspiration and guidance for all those who seek joy of spirituality. This book dwells on various aspects of his life and massage and how one can become joyful by living the spiritual ideal he embodied.

It is a joy to merge the mind in the Indivisible Brahman through contemplation. And it is also a joy to keep the mind on the Lila, the Relative, without dissolving it in the absolute.

There are three kinds of ananda, joy: the joy of worldly enjoyment, the joy of worship, and the joy of Brahman. The joy of worldly enjoyment is the joy of ‘woman and gold’, which people always enjoy.

The joy of worship one enjoys while chanting the name and glories of god. And the joy of Brahman is the joy of God-vision. olden times went beyond all rules and conventions.


Publisher’s Note
1. Glimpses of Sri Ramakrishna’s Joy
2. Sri Ramakrishna’s Message of Inner Joy
3. A Meditation on Sri Ramakrishna
4. Sri Ramakrishna’s Experience of God
5. In the Company of Sri Ramakrishna
6. Teachings of Sri Ramakrishna in Eight Aphorisms
7. Sri Ramakrishna’s Teachings on Meditation
8. Sri Ramakrishna’s Joy of Illumination
9. Sri Ramakrishna and the Common Person
10. The West and the Joyous Light of Sri Ramakrishna
11. Ramakrishna-the Prophet of Inner Joy
12. Sri Ramakrishna: The Embodiment of Indian Culture
13. Sri Ramakrishna’s Timeless Massage
14. Sri Ramakrishna Tells Stories
15. Sri Ramakrishna-the Great Master of Life Skills
16. The Divine Dance of Sri Ramakrishna
17. ‘Musical Miracles’ Songs in the Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna
18. Sri Ramakrishna, the Educationist
19. Facets of the Prophet-Mystic
20. Sri Ramakrishna, the Master Yogi
21. Sri Ramakrishna’s Legacy of Joyful Living
22. Thoughts on Ramakrishna Sadhana
23. Sri Ramakrishna the Embodiment of Scriptures
24. Sri Ramakrishna-the Uncommon Common Man
25. Do You Long for God? Read Ramakrishna’s Life
26. Sri Ramakrishna’s Presence Inspires Young Lives

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