Discourse in Trust -  US-South Asia Relations

Discourse in Trust - US-South Asia Relations

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Author: Kousar J Azmi
Publisher: South Asia Publishers
Year: 1999
Language: English
Pages: 331
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170032350


This work addresses to the basic objective of generating a dialogue between the US and the South Asian countries.

This dialogue needs to be free from the earlier difficult, unreasonable and almost polemical exchanges between the proponents of foreign policy idea in the South Asian countries and in the United States.

The process of economic liberalization, the advent of American business interests in South Asian countries and the absence of a second super-power, relatively equivalent to the United States - to fall back upon in times of crisis - apparently convinced the South Asian states to the need to recast their foreign relations in a more realistic and positive framework.


Introduction by Kousar J Azam
US foreign policy at the turn of the 21st century by Donald Puchala
America at the Millennium by M Glen Johnson
Evolving Paradigms of US foreign policy - Pakistani Perceptions by Nasrullah Mirza
Sri Lanka's Perception of US foreign Policy by W M Karunadasa
Bangladesh Perceptions of Us Foreign Policy by Mahfuzul H Chowdhury
Globalization of World Economy and its implications for S Asia by Pushkar N Pant
Economic Liberalization in Sri-Lanka- Impact on Us-Sri Lanka Trade
Issues and Approaches to IPR - An Indian Perspective by Prabuddha Ganguli
Globalization of Mass Communications and its impact on US-Sri Lanka Relations
Globalization and communication - The Emerging Challenges by Usha Vyasulu Reddy
The South Asian Dilemma by Mubashir Hasan
Bangladesh's security at the turn of the Century - The role of US by A K Azad
US Role in Sri Lanka's Security - Imperatives and Outlook by Minna Thacheer
Nepal's Security at the Turn of the Century by Mohan Lohani
Pokhran II and India-US Relations: Challenges and Opportunities by M J Vinod
India's Security in the New Global Order by Nirmal Jindal
Post-Pokhran Situation: Impact on US-India Relations by C Uday Bhaskar
Non-Military Issues in South Asian Security and US Response by L W S Prabhakar


Kousar J Azam is a senior Academic Fellow in Social Sciences at the American Studies Research Center. With a career spanning over thirty years Prof. Azam has had several research fellowships and teaching responsibilities in India and abroad. Her international awards include fellowships by Ford, Fulbright and Rockefeller Foundations. Her publications include a book on National Integration in India, and several edited volumes.