What Do Women Want From Men ?

What Do Women Want From Men ?

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Author: Dan True
Publisher: Rupa
Year: 2013
Language: English
Pages: 199
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788129124678


Wondering what went wrong with his marriage, Dan True asked 100 women of varying ages and professions 110 questions on how they feel about men in regards to virtually everything. Here are the women's candid comments about money, marriage, relationships, lying, anger, listening, sex, cuddling, bed partners, turn-ons/turn-offs, attitudes, expectations, and fantasies.

Read this book to discover what else Dan learnt, and for the answer to that eternal question: what do women want from men?


“The greatest weakness I see in men,” said a twenty-four-year-old airline stewardess “is their inability to show emotion, as if they’re afraid someone may judge them…”

A fifty-two-year-old bank teller said, “If a man will just ask a woman what she wants, she’ll be so appreciative to know he cares about her feelings, she’ll want to satisfy him in ways he only dreamt of…”


“Do not fancy every woman you meet as the heroine of a romance… avoid this error as you would shrink back from a precipice. And be not in haste to marry, or to engage your affections where there is no probability of a return. Of themselves, your fine sentiments and romantic notions will make no more impression on one of these delicate creatures than on a piece of marble. It is not what you think of them that determines their choice, but what they think of you.”
= William Hazlitt



Why this book was written
1. Money, women, and men
2. Women talk about relationships with men
3. Women talk about men and sex
A few general comments offered by the one hundred women about sex
4. Women’s psyche about men
5. Miscellaneous nuggets of wisdom gleaned from one hundred women’s minds

The interview questions