Lady, You're Not a Man !  -   The Adventures of a Woman at Work

Lady, You're Not a Man ! - The Adventures of a Woman at Work

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Author: Apurva Purohit
Publisher: Rupa
Year: 2013
Language: English
Pages: 184
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788129129048


A smart and incisive book about the challenges that face the contemporary Indian woman as she tries to Juggle work and Home.

Today's woman wants to make a success of both family and career and is unwilling to compromise on either. But the burden of coping with deadlines, recalcitrant children, lazy husbands, difficult bosses and equally difficult in-laws can be daunting, even overwhelming.

In this book, Apurva Purohit, CEO of Radio City 91.1 FM, shows how women can accept, adapt and achieve their way to the highest rung in every arena.

Through real-life stories and funny anecdotes, she provides pithy tips on a multitude of topics: from training husbands to training interns, from the right attitude to getting it right with kids, from dealing with household crises to office emergencies, from building a reputation to paving ones way to the top.

Warm, witty and empathetic, Lady, You're Not a Man! is a must-read for every woman on the quest for work-home balance and determined to succeed in her career and live a happy and fulfilling life.


“A must-read for every woman who wants to succeed on her own terms. Inspiring and Funny.”
= Ekta Kapoor


1. Lady, you’re Not a Man!
2. Learning to Live with Guilt
3. Life is indeed unfair
4. Boys will be Boys (and Girl will do All the Hard work)
5. Your Problems are not unique : Everyone’s Mother-in-Law is Law is Evil and Husband is Lazy
6. I don’t Need to understand more than two buttons : ‘On’ and ‘off’
7. Can men breast-feed?
8. Women only get better with Age
9. We can’t all be size zero
10. The Enemy is within
The Ten Lessons of Acceptance

11. The Right attitude is the Starting Point
12. Nobody’ yet found a substitute fore Hard Work
13. Learning to Prioritize
14. Asking for Help
15. Taking Advantage to Privileges
16. Husbands Trained Here
17. Being the Boss is Relative
18. The Sum of the Parts is important
19. Mastering Networking
20. Are you the Victim or the Heroine of your Story?
The Ten Lessons of Adapting

21. Oye, Lucky Madam!
22. Avoiding the Mr. & Mrs Trap
23. Raising your Hand to Say ‘Aye’
24. Your Male Subordinates are Wired Differently Poor things!
25. Changing the Status Quo Single-Handedly
26. Bricks and Stones will not break my Bones
27. We Don’t need No Reservations
28. ‘Men’toring Future Generations
29. Building a Reputation, Not a CV
30. Chest – thumping is Okay
The Ten Lessons of Achievement