Meditation Know - How

Meditation Know - How

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Author: Swami Sivananda
Publisher: Divine Life Society
Year: 2015
Language: English
Pages: 270
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170522242


The goal of life is the attainment of final beatitude. This can be attained by meditation. The Ultimate Truth can be experienced by all persons by regular practice of Meditation with a pure heart.

This Book deals with How To develop concentration, what is meditation, prerequisites for meditation, favourable places for meditation, suitable diet, guidelines to successful meditation, practice of meditation, the most common obstacles in meditation and all such information which a seeker of Truth wants to know before starting the practice of meditation.

No more words. Enough of discussions and heated debates. Retire into a solitary room. Close your eyes. Have deep silent meditation. Dive deep into the innermost recesses of the heart. Drink the nectar of immortality.



1. Focussing of Consiciousness
2. Concentration
3. Tratak or Steady Gazing
4. Where to Concentrate
5. How To Develop Concentration
6. What is Meditation?
7. No Meditation, No Realisation
8. Prerequisites for Meditation
9. Step by Step on the Yoga Ladder
10. Places Favourable for Meditation
11. Samskara Raksha-Protection of Spiritual Impressions
12. The Meditation Room and the Meditation Hours
13. The Meditative Postures
14. Yogic Diet
15. Key Guidelines to Successful Meditation
16. On Choosing an Object for Meditation
17. Meditation Exercises
18. Saguna Meditation and Nirguna Meditation Compared
19. One Guru, One Place, One Yoga
20. The Most Common Obstacles to Meditation
21. Vikshepa or Tossing of the Mind
22. The Problem of Evil Thoughts
23. Substratum Awakenings in the Mind
24. Social Factors that Impede Meditation
25. Evil Qualities that Hinder Meditation
26. Other Undesirable Traits
27. States of Mind that Stall Progress
28. Meditation, Work and Rest
29. The Appearance of Lights in Mediation
30. Visions in Meditation
31. Separating from the Body
32. What Happens in Meditation
33. Siddhis
34. Samadhi
35. Spiritual Vibrations and Aura