Insurgent Frontiers  -  Essays from the troubled northeast

Insurgent Frontiers - Essays from the troubled northeast

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Author: E N Rammohan
Publisher: India Research Press
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 190
ISBN/UPC (if available): 81-87943-80-7


While posted in some crucial appointments in the Northeast as Superintendent of Police in the Central Bureau of Investigation and later as Inspector General of the Central Reserve Police force E. N. Rammohan got a chance to travel through the length and breadth of this marvelously beautiful land. He studied the History of the different peoples of the mysterious North East and the idea germinated of writing about the land and the peoples of this area.

The five essays on the Northeast should be of interest to researchers and students of that beautiful but troubled area. The first on Assam, the Foreigners agitation and the United Liberation Front of Assam gives a number of details of the brutal election of February 1983 and the shameful role of the bureaucrats who were in positions of authority at that time. There is very little literature on the terrible events of these election and while posted as the Deputy Inspector General of Police Northern Range involved with counterinsurgency operations here, from his pen were born the three crucial essays of this Book on Assam, Nagaland and Manipur.

The paper on the Naga insurgency gives a history of the Naga Underground and the very different National Socialist Council of Nagaland. While posted as Advisor to the Governor of Manipur in 2001-2002, he has studied their operation at close hand and documented references about their operations in Nagaland and Manipur, particularly their extensive extortion network, as realities on the ground.

The paper on Manipur is the result of a first hand study of the situation on the ground as Advisor to the Governor of Manipur in 2001-2002. I strongly feel that it is a possible to defeat any insurgency by just plain good civil administration and I have suggested a blueprint.

The porous India Bangladesh border had intrigued him for many years and felt it necessary to take strong measures to fence and light this border as in the western sectors of India. And then finally, his writings on the Chakmas, whom he feels have been treated most shabbily by both India and Bangladesh and has thus highlight their story…… the Damned of the Earth.


1. Assam, The Foreigner's Agitation and the Limited Liberation Front of Assam
2. The Damned of the Earth
3. Porous Borders, Perfidious Neighbours, Security Threat From, Bangladesh
4. The Naga Insurgency
5. Blue Print for Counter-Insurgency in Manipur
6. Index