Beauty Recipes

Beauty Recipes

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Author: Urvashi Dave
Translator(s)/ Editors(s): Krupa Shukla
Publisher: Navneet Publications
Year: 2013
Language: English
Pages: 136
ISBN/UPC (if available): 81-243-2065-9


Woman in India has equaled man in number of spheres .she visits many places and meets many people in her daily course. For this exposure her personality counts a lot; and beauty is one of the factors adding to her personality.

Therefore, for the fair sex ‘Beauty Care’ holds prime importance. Women all over the globe participate in beauty contests, viz., Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss India, Mrs. India, etc., and Indian women have bagged quite a few awards. It has motivated the women all through the country to bring about awareness of beauty care.

We have tried our best to explain Threading, Waxing, Bleaching, Skin Care, Nail-treatment, Hair Care Mehandi, Hairstyles, Make-up, Saree-styles, etc. precisely, and with attractive pictures and due illustrations. An enthusiastic beautician, an amateur one or a beauty-caring individual will get much more carry out Beauty Care


Section 1: Threading, Waxing and Bleaching
1. Threading
1) Eyebrows Threading
2) Upper Lips Threading
3) Fore Head Threading
4) Side-Blocks Threading
5) Chin Threading
2. Waxing
1) Simple Waxing
2) Flavored Waxing
3. Bleaching
1) Cream Bleaching
2) Powdered Bleaching

Section 2: Skin Care
1. Information about the Skin
1) The Skin
2) Testing of the Skin
3) Function of the Skin
4) Problems of the Skin
2. Facial Treatment
1) Facial Steps
2) Different Types of Facial
3. Skin Treatment
4. Body Massage

Section 3: Nail Treatment
1. Manicure
2. Pedicure
3. French Manicure
4. Chocolate Manicure-Pedicure

Section 4: Hair Care
1. Hair Care
1) Hair
2) Types of Hair
3) Reason of Hair Problem
4) Hot Oil Massage
5) Hair Treatment
6) Hair-Spa
2. Haircut
1) Types of Haircut
2) Hair Setting
3) Hair Dye
4) Hair Perming
5) Hair Straightening
6) Hair color

Section 5: Mehandi/Tattoos
1. Mehandi
1) Method of Applying Mehandi
2) Method of Making Mehandi Cones
3) Colorful Mehandi
4) Tips for Applying Mehandi
5) Other Uses of Mehandi
2. Different types of Body-Tattoos.

Section 6: Hairstyles
1) In-bun Hairstyle
2) Low-bun Hairstyle
3) Chinese-bun Hairstyle
4) Japanese-bun Hairstyle
5) Two-in-One Roll Hairstyle
6) Hill Hairstyle
7) Dignity Roll Hairstyle
8) Cross Roll Hairstyle
9) French Roll Hairstyle
10) French Roll Hairstyle for Long Hair
11) French Hairstyle with Hanging Roll
12) Overlapping Hairstyle
13) Funky-look Hairstyle
14) Loose Hair Hairstyle (Outturn with Pin-up)
15) Hair styles of Braid
Different Hairstyles

Section 7: Make up
1) Types of Faces
2) Skin Color
3) Skin Concept
4) Methods of Make-up
1. Single-base Make-up
2. Double-base Make-up
5) Different types of Make-up
1. Engagement Make-up Section
2. Make-up
3. Gujarati Bridal Make-up
4. Reception Make-up
5. Corrective Make-up
6. Golden Make-up
7. Silver Make-up
8. Bronze Make-up
9. Navratri Make-up
Different Eye Make-ups

Section 8: Saree-Styles
1) Gujarati Saree
2) Marathi Saree
3) Bengali or Devdas Saree
4) Simple Bengali Saree
5) Devdas Variation Saree
6) Wrap-around Saree
7) Single Wrap Saree
8) Burmese Saree
9) Necklace Saree
10) Waist-band (Kandora) Style Saree
11) Gown Saree
12) 7 Up Saree
13) Waterfall Saree
14) Double Saree
15) Border-line Saree
16) Traditional with Western Saree
Pictures of the Varieties of Peer and Bindis
Useful Tips for Hair Care