Turn Around India  -  Thru Inclusive Governance & Team Spirit”

Turn Around India - Thru Inclusive Governance & Team Spirit”

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Author: R P Gupta
Publisher: Himalayan Books
Year: 2013
Language: English
Pages: 345
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9789350975480


“A thought provoking book with innovative reforms for creating economic awareness and building team spirit among Indians, particularly the young”. Author has charted a unique growth map for a complete turnaround of India. His emphasis is not only on problems pertaining to sensitive issues like black money, Inflation, Trade deficit, Subsidy and Inclusive growth but still more important on viable solutions.

Even critical issues like environment, energy, Transportation, Natural resources and taxation which are paramount to our economy has been deftly analysed. The book is a must reading for keen proponents of a resurgent India.

The main aim of Turn Around India is to create economic awareness among the masses, without which good economic policy cannot be framed. Even if framed, a policy encounters challenges during implementation. The next aim is to provide practical and viable options to help revitalize the Indian economy keeping public interest at the heart of the process.

The author believes that India possesses latent potential to achieve economic progress; yet growth reversal has started. According to him, ongoing activism and negative perception about economic activity is the principal reason for today’s debacle. This book could contribute towards building a positive atmosphere thereby help turn around the Indian economy. The prologue and editor’s observations are enclosed herewith to give you a fair idea about the book.


Publishing a book named “Turn around India” with the aim of creating economic awareness among masses and to provide the practical and viable options for reviving Indian economy in public interest is quite relevant and significant in the present scenario.
--- Narendra Modi

With a young population, it is imperative for us to ensure that we do not have a growth reversal so “ Turn around India” will be a useful book-both for government and people-to steer in a direction towards sustained growth.

This book, “Turn around India” will help to provide enough insight to policy makers, Industrialists and other stakeholders in the endeavour to bring back our economy on fast track.


An Overview
1. Indian Economy History (Fast forward-Pause-Rewind)
2. Gross Domestic Product (Source of Public Income and Development)
3. Inclusive Governance (Key to Economic Growth)
4. Global Crisis (A Missed Opportunity)
5. Natural Resources (Need Logical Approach for Productive Use)
6. Environment (A Political Overtone)
7. Energy Policy (Needs an Integrated Approach)
8. Transportation (A Great Challenge)
9. Manufacturing Sector (Under Stress)
10. External Sector (Handle with Care)
11. Black Money (Prevention is Better than Cure)
12. Inflation (Actual Control is Missing)
13. Public Finances (Needs Judicious Approach)
14. Subsidy Model (Needs Fresh Look)
15. Savings Channelization (For Productive Investments)
16. Inclusive Growth (Prime Duty of States)
Table Index