Creative Living  -  Discovering your beautiful path & lifestyle toward happiness and well-being

Creative Living - Discovering your beautiful path & lifestyle toward happiness and well-being

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Author: Harbeen Arora
Translator(s)/ Editors(s): Vinay Rai
Publisher: Habitat
Year: 2010
Language: English
Pages: 218
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9781600377365


"Creative Living" was born of the author’s desire to stay balanced and at peace at all times. She began writing this book in the hope of finding ways to manage her inner world of thoughts and emotions, respond positively to challenges and navigate justly on the complex path of life.

On this journey of labor and love, she discovered creative strategies and attitudes that helped her to evolve with every passing situation and struggle. She found an original way to make use of the material of daily living to enhance one’s quality of living.

"Creative Living" is unique as it offers a distinctive yet universal approach to happier living. Importantly, it paints a holistic picture of a creative scheme of living, instead of giving piecemeal advice. So no matter what your particular context or personality, this book will enable you to improve your situation with positive outlooks and creative means. You will uplift your vision, have satisfying relationships and develop a keener rapport with your universe. You will thus lead yourself to happiness. Only you can.


For everyone – whether you are in developing and developed countries – radical change and hyper competition are accelerating, bringing, greater stress into everyone’s live. People are burning out with exhaustion and future shock. CREATIVE LIVING provides the only known antidote: the development of inner peace and a sense of self that keep people grounded as the world swirls around them. Read it and get centered so change and hypercompetition don’t overwhelm you.
--- RICHARD D’AVENI, Professor at Tuck school.


Foreword by Vinay Rai

Creative Living: Enchanting Yourself into Happiness and Well-being
A Three-Fold Path and Lifestyle to Coach Your Creativity
Expansive Attitudes for Creative Vitality
What the chapters contain and what You Will take away
Heal Yourself to Heal the World

Part I: SEEING--Sorting your Mind: Interacting with your Visual Space

Chapter 1: Summoning Your Visual World
Images: Inside, Outside
Exploring your subconscious
Resolve, Remind--Paving the Way for Positive Habits
Spaces, Sensations and Smart Moves
Engage Your Hands: For Cooler Heads, Warmer Hearts, and Inventive Thinking
A Positive Vision of Your Life

Chapter 2: Putting Your Visual Sphere to Use
Healing Trauma
Managing Adolescent Stubbornness
The Individualist--Learning the reality of erdependence
Channeling Aggression in Teens
Mask--Exploring your expression
Nature--the Cure-All
Know Yourself to Nurture Yourself

Chapter 3: Creative Vision--Energize Your Imagination
Vision through Outlook: Seek Balanced and Energizing Views
Vision through Visualization: Look Elsewhere or Otherwise!
Vision through Involvement: See Many Factors at Play
Vision through Empathy: See Others with a Heart
Vision through Passion and Purpose: See Where Your Heart Is!
From Vision to Action

Part II: BEING--Strengthening Your Relationships Playing and progressing in the theater of life

Chapter 4: We Relate, Therefore We Are
Diversity: Developing You
The Four ‘I’s--Awareness of Your Larger ‘I’
Your Impressionable Being
Your Interconnected Being
Your Imaginative Being
Your In-play Being
Games for harmonization

Chapter 5: Games You Can Play!
Loving Strategies--A Conscious Approach to Curb Negative Behavior and Foster Creative Exchange
Witnessing Situations: Learning Opportunities for Your Head and Heart
Strategic Thinking: For Sensibility and Sensitivity
Strategic Tactics: To Harness the Best Possible in People
Common Grounds: Nurturing Bonds
Playfulness: Lighthearted Feedback
Outlooks and Games for Your Growth
Group I: Complementary
Group II: Co-existing
Group III: Colorful
Group IV: Chaotic
Group V: Calm
The Finish Line

Chapter 6: Creative Voice--Energize Your Part and Play
Your Considered Voice: Hard looks, Soft Tones
Your Conscientious Voice: Strengthening Your Spirit
Your Creative-Vocation Voice: Exploring Your Better Self
Your Collaborative Voice: Stimulating Others with Your Better Nature
Sing Your Song!

Part III: CREATING - Engaging your soul--Harnessing the power of Sound and Music

Chapter 7: Playing in Your Vibrational World
Your Vibrational ecosystem
How Mantras, Music, and Meditation can work for you
A musical life

Chapter 8: Awakening Your Musical Sensibility
Hear from Your heart
Alert Listening
Authentic and transparent communication
Lyrical Lies
Smart Listening
Music in Action

Chapter 9: Creative Vigor: Energize your Influence
The A to G of Creative Vigor
B--Better Nature and Bigger Sense
C--Creation and Collaboration
D--Dreaming and Doing
E--Emptiness and Enthusiasm
G--Gratitude and Giving
H’ for Happiness!
Integrating with Life
Section I: For Creative Vision: Seeing Better
Section II: For Creative Voice: Being Better
Section III: For Creative Vigor: Creating Better
Some Questions Answered

About the Author