S. D. Burman  -  The World of His Music

S. D. Burman - The World of His Music

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Author: Khagesh Dev Burman
Translator(s)/ Editors(s): S.K. Ray Chaudhuri
Publisher: Rupa
Year: 2013
Language: English
Pages: 291
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788129120632


A golden voice capable of making one stop in one’s tracks, an uncanny understanding of audience expectation and an astute ability to create something original using various musical techniques and genres—these are some of the characteristics that defined Sachin Dev Burman, lovingly referred to as SD.

One of the greatest artists to have risen on the Indian musical fi rmament and captivated the imagination of millions, SD’s musical talent was appreciated by connoisseurs and commoners alike. Combining folk and classical styles, SD gave the world a form of music that could be the both the boatman’s and the ustad’s own.

In S. D. Burman: The World of His Music, Khagesh Dev Burman paints a vivid picture of Sachin-karta’s life, delving into his childhood, things that shaped his character and musical talent, the days of struggle—and the rise of the maestro. Complete with detailed lists of his songs and analyses of his unique style and music, this book is one that every music lover’s shelf should boast of.

“In [Tripura’s] paddy fields the Ploughman ploughs and sings, the boatman cannot steer his boat in the rivers without singing, the fisherman throws his net with a song on his lips, the weaver working on his looms weaves his own music and labourers find solace in singing in the midst of their toils. This prevalence of music in all aspects of its life is God-given. I am a son of that soil of Tripura. Perhaps that is why I spent my entire life on songs and songs alone – music is my first love.”
--- S.D. Burman in Sargamer Nikhad



1. The Background
2. Comilla: 1906-24
3. Calcutta: 1925-31
4. Calcutta: 1932-75
5. Bombay: 1944-75

Appendix I: Chronology of Life
Appendix II: List of Songs of S.D. Burman as Singer
Appendix III: List of Songs of S.D. Burman as Music Director (Bengali Films)
Appendix IV: List of Songs of S.D. Burman as Music Director (Hindi Films)