Rama and Krishna as Ramakrishna

Rama and Krishna as Ramakrishna

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Author: K Subrahmanyam
Publisher: Sri Ramakrishna Math
Year: 2012
Language: English
Pages: 192
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788178236889


Sri Rama, Sri Krishna and Sri Ramakrishna are Gods since they embody dharma. And dharma is but love or Prema-unselfish, spontaneous and abundant. The three gods are but the manifestations of the Formless and Nameless, Birth less and Deathless, Satya and Dharma.

All the three are Ramas capable of showering the highest benediction, including eternal enlightenment and infinite bliss. The first Rama’s sojourn on earth was in the Treta age, as Ram Raghav. The second Rama sported on the banks of the Yamuna for the bliss of all as Ramanuja Krishna in the Dwapara age.

And, in the present age Kali, the third Rama stayed serenely on the shores of the Ganges granting peace, prosperity and bliss to all as Sri Ramakrishna. All few (forty-four) parallels have been presented as a humble offering at the altar of divinity in this book ‘Rama and Krishna as Ramakrishna’.

This book is based on the Sri Ramakrishna’s statement to Narendra, “He who was Rama and Krishna is now, in this body, Ramakrishna – but not in your Vedantic sense” and the uniformity of divine qualities exhibited by the incarnations. It throws light on how Sri Ramakrishna exhibited the divine qualities that are similar to His earlier avatar of Rama and Krishna.

As a boy holding to a post or pillar whirls about it with headlong speed without any fear of falling. So perform your worldly duties fixing your hold firmly upon God, and you will be free from danger.

What is the relation between the Jivatman and the Paramatman ? As a current of water seems to be divided into two when a plank of wood is placed against it edgewise, so the Indivisible appears divided into two, the Jivatman and the Paramatman, due to the limitation of Maya.


Publisher’s Note

1. Avatara Varishthaya
2. Divine Trait
3. Divine Descent
4. Holy Parentage
5. Elders Declare
6. The Divine Disciples
7. Divine Discipline
8. Discipline is Discretion
9. Disciplinarians
10. Divine Wedding
11. The Worshipful Wife
12. The Blessed Women
13. Career of Conquest
14. Modesty
15. Siva
16. Godly Qualities
17. Sri
18. All Embracing Love
19. Constructive Strength
20. Capacity to Clarify
21. Purifiers
22. The Three Dimensional Demon
23. Fluctuations of fortune
24. Your wish is my will
25. Resist not Destiny
26. Ready to be tested
27. The Unfailing Weapon
28. Personality and Individuality
29. Manasa Sarovar
30. Sowseelyam
31. He is There Already
32. We See Ourselves in Others
33. Dignity of Labour
34. Be Cautious
35. Be Thou but a tool
36. Be Realistic
37. Be Free; Be not bound
38. Do it Yourself
39. Deities and Devotees
40. Spiritual Transformers
41. Prayer for Wealth
42. Shock Treatment
43. Divine Mother Sri Sarada Devi
44. Kalpataru