Mithai  -  Sweets for every Celebration

Mithai - Sweets for every Celebration

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Author: Sanjeev Kapoor
Publisher: Popular Prakashan
Year: 2011
Language: English
Pages: 104
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788179916674


One experiences deep satisfaction when creating delicacies in one's home kitchen. And if those delicacies are mithai, the satisfaction is doubled. Apart from the obvious advantages of preparing food at home: good quality ingredients, cost savings, and cooking to one's taste and health needs, there is sheer joy in reproducing the seemingly complicated and laborious traditional sweetmeats so easily available at one's local halwai.

In Mithai, Master Chef Sanjeev Kapoor demystifies the art and science of sweet-making. With clear instructions and sharing of a few trade secrets, he leads one through the process, one step at a time, to produce sweet treats that will rival the best of those commercially available.

"I love sweets and you can tempt me with them any time", he says. And then adds, "but I have to control myself from eating too many too often. So, although I never say no to any sweet, I make sure to run that extra mile to burn those extra calories consumed."

So, follow the Master Chef's example and treat yourself and your loved ones to some sweet delights, in moderation! Try out the Kaju Katli, Coconut Burfi, Jalebi, Lavang Latika or Khajur aur Akhrot Roll to begin with - you will find them so easy to prepare that you will wonder why you had not tried making them before. So enjoy them as often as you want, but remember sweet restraint is the name of the game.

Irresistible, delectable, magical mithai! Surrender to their sweet charms and one is enslaved for life. Now you can take your passion one step further and prepare the spell-binding treats in your own kitchen, at will!

When Chocolate Burfi, Chum Chum, Kheer Kadam, Rasmalai, Badam Katli, Balushahi, Gur Pare, Kalakand beckon, just open this book and start cooking. The step-by-step instructions will help you produce mouth-watering morsels to delight your family and friends and light up your festive table.

Make the most of Mithai!




1. Coconut Burfi
2. Banana Halwa Burfi
3. Besan Burfi
4. Gajar Halwa Burfi
5. Kaju-Kesar Burfi
6. Chocolate Burfi
7. Sev Burfi
8. Mawa Burfi
9. Til Burfi
10. Kesar Burfi
11. Malai Peda
12. Chocolate Peda
13. Kesari Peda
14. Mathura ka Peda
15. Gulab Jamun
16. Mawa-Anjeer Burfi
17. Stuffed Gulab Jamun
18. Mawa Modak
19. Kala Jamun


20. Raghavdas Laadoo
21. Churma Laddoo
22. Kurmura Laddoo
23. Kaju, Khoya aur Besan ke Laddoo
24. Motichoor Laddoo
25. Choco-Coconut Laddoo
26. Tilache Laddoo
27. Badam Katli
28. Pista Katli
29. Kaju-Pista-Badam-Kesar Burfi
30. Pista Roll
31. Kaju-Pista Roll


32. Chum Chum
33. Rosogulla
34. Chhena Murki
35. Sandesh
36. Kheer Kadam
37. Raj Bhog
38. Malai Sandwich
39. Kesari Indrayani
40. Rasmalai


41. Mawa Gujiya
42. Khajur aur Akhrot ka Roll
43. Khajurachi Wadi
44. Steamed Sandesh
45. Besan ke Laddoo
46. Kesar-Pista Phirni
47. Kesari Shrikhand
48. Mango Burfi


49. Lavang Latika
50. Dhoda
51. Angoori Petha
52. Milk Powder Gulab Jamun
53. Chandrakala
54. Chocolate-Walnut Fudge
55. Balushahi
56. Ghevar
57. Bombay Halwa
58. Guava Cheese
59. Jalebi
60. Gur Pare
61. Gurpapdi
62. Parwal ki Mithai
63. Ukdiche Modak
64. Kunda
65. Kalakand
66. Malpua
67. Milk Cake
68. Imarti
69. Pinni
70. Mohanthaal
71. Mysore Paak