Om Cooking . . .  Tempting Vegetarian Appetizers, Cook, Nourish &Enjoy!

Om Cooking . . . Tempting Vegetarian Appetizers, Cook, Nourish &Enjoy!

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Author: A Compilation
Publisher: Central Chinmaya Mission Trust
Year: 2012
Language: English
Pages: 189
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788175975507


A group of ladies, predominantly housewives, who regularly cook for their husbands, children, friends and neighbours endeavoured to diret their passion, talent, swkill and knowledge to compile a cookbook to honor their Guru Swami Chinmayananda, with a view to dedicate what they did best, in order to serve a greater cause of encouraaging vegertarlisnism, non-violence, and eco-friendliness.

Receipes were created to cater to many different nees - to those who want a healthier meassless lifestyle, to those who want to entertain at home and those who want a bit more variety in their familymeals.


1. Dedication to Guru
2. Letter from Guruji
3. Preface
4. Table of Contents
i. Handy Hints for Grease Free Frying

5. Asparagus straws
6. Baked Poha Croquettes
7. Banana Leaf Parcel
8. Basil Leaf and Tofu Bites
9. Bean Bundles
10. Beetroot Fingers
11. Black Pepper Paneer
12. Capsicum, Onion and Asparagus Pastry
13. Caramelized Onion Tart
14. Cashew Nut Tikki
15. Chaat (i) Chatpati Paneer and Potato Chaat (ii) Mango Papadi Chaat (iii) Sandwich Chaat (iv) Sprout and Spinach Chaat
ii. Groping in the Dark

16. Cheesey Puffs with Harlequin Dip
17. Cheesy Pesto Muffin
18. Coconut Tofu
19. Coriander and Corn Blinis
20. Cream Cheese Wontons
21. Cream Corn Fritters
22. Creamy Melts
23. Crisply Florets
24. Crostinis (i) Brocolli and Mushroom (ii) Fig and Ricotta (iii) Corn and Capsicum
25. Crunchy Cereal Tofu
26. Curry Vegetable Whelk
27. Gow Gees
iii. Cooking Grades

28. Gujurati Muthia
29. Lah Lah Tofu
30. Lebanese Bread
31. Leek and Celery Filo
32. Lemon and Dill Risotto Cakes
33. Mediterranean Rolls
34. Mexican Roulettes
35. Mini Polenta Pizza
36. Moong Dhal Dhokla
37. Mushroom Cutlets
38. Mushroom Topped Polenta Triangles
39. Oats Idli
40. Palak Paneer Rolls
41. Paneer and Mushroom Curried Satays
42. Penang Kebabs
43. Pistachio Grapes
44. Portobello Burgers with Gorgonzola
iv. Roasted Ego

45. Potato Nest with Avocado Filling
46. Potato Nest with Paneer
47. Red Pesto Risotto Balls
48. Salad Shots
49. Salsa Spirals
50. Savory Danish Pastries
51. Sesame Coated Croquettes
52. Spiced Mushroom Mousse
53. Spicy Kimchee Pajeon
54. Spinach Cheese Polenta Squares
55. Steamed Methi Rolls
56. Straight From the Heart
57. Summer Rolls
58. Sushi (i) Beetroot Sushi (ii) Layered Curried Sushi (iii) Machurian Sushi (iv) Mango Sushi (v) Spinach Sushi
59. Tandoori Idli
60. Tandoori Quesadilla
61. Tekri Picks
62. Tempeh Goreng
63. Tempeh in Pandanus Leaf
64. TEmpeh with Bamboo Shoots
v. How to cook Sago

65. Thai Noodle on Paneer
66. Tomato and Basil Muffin
67. Wasabi Mushrooms
68. Wraps (i) Greek Wrap (ii) Indian Wrap (iii) Italian Wrap (iv) Thai Curry Wrap
69. Yakitori on Parmesan Crisps
70. Zucchini Bean Tacos
vi. Cooking Story
vii. CORD

71. Basic Recipes (i) Coconut Chutney (ii) Hummus (iii) Mint Chutney (iv) Mojo Picon Sauce (v) Paneer (Version 1) (vi) Paneer (Version 2) (vii) Pesto (viii) Sushi Rice (ix) Tamarind Chutney (x) Tandoori Marinade (xi) Tomato Chutney

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