Rani Padmini  -  The Heroine of Chittor

Rani Padmini - The Heroine of Chittor

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Author: B K Karkra
Publisher: Rupa
Year: 2009
Language: English
Pages: 252
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788129115270


Rani Padmini: The Heroine of Chittor is an insightful account of the life and times of a queen about whom not much is known. Over the centuries, Padmini has emerged as an icon of national honour. The book offers fascinating vignettes of her life and the times she lived in.

The politics of her times and the danger and humiliation that the queens were exposed to is mirrored in the book. The Author brings together poets, politicians and people in one narrative. This book becomes an important treatise as of late, many historians have expressed doubts about her very existence.

After tapping many relevant literary, archaeological, epigraphic, numismatic and other sources of information, the author finally concludes that the illustrious queen of Chittor was, indeed, a historical reality.


1. Padmini’s Story
2. Padmini – Her Times
3. Padmini’s Tormentor
4. Padmini’s Husband
5. The Man who knew about Padmini
6. Padmini Herself
7. Padmini’s Contemporaries
8. Padimini’s Abobe – the fort of Chittor
9. Padmini – Her People: The Mewaris
10. The Jauhars Before and After Her
11. Was she on his Mind When Alauddin Attacked Chittor?
12. The Commando Operation for Rescue of the Rawal
13. The Face that Launched a Lakh of Soldiers
14. Her Jauhar
15. The Silence of Two Centuries on Her
16. The Attempt to Cull Her Husband out of history
17. The Truth about Her
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