Talks with Sri Aurobindo      Volume 1

Talks with Sri Aurobindo Volume 1

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Author: Nirodbaran
Publisher: Sri Aurobindo Ashram
Year: 2009
Language: English
Pages: 512
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8189020277


In the Preface to his book Nirodbaran relates the dramatic account of the event that unfolded on the eve of the November Darshan in 1938: the Accident in which Sri Aurobindo’s right leg was seriously injured. The Talks recorded in this book began soon after; when a few disciples were required to attend on Sri Autobindo who was confined to his bed. It was this select group of five or Six people, disciples and the doctors who visited from time to time, who would gather, usually in the evening, and sit by Sri Aurobindo’s bed, waiting for the day’s talk to begin.

The Conversation flowed freely, and often began with a question put to Sri Aurobindo, a question which perhaps elicited his comments on spiritual matters, called forth a reminiscence, triggered a discourse on art and culture, or prompted a keen analysis of Indian politics or the world situation. Sometimes, indeed, a question would provoke a humorous response from Sri Aurobindo, and laughter would fill the room.

Sri Aurobindo speaks of his own life and work, of the Mother and the Ashram, of his path of Yoga and other paths, of India's social, cultural and spiritual life, of the country's struggle for political independence, of Hitler and the Second World War, of modern science, art and poetry, and of many other things that arose in the course of conversation. By recording these human touches, Nirodbaran has brought out the warm and intimate atmosphere of the talks.

For Several years Nirodbarana recorded most of these conversations in his notebooks. Talks with Sri Aurobindo : Volume One begins on 10 December 1938 and Continues until 29 February 1940, offering the reader a many-layered, vivid impression of the high purpose behind Sri Aurobindo’s work and the Versatile nature of his personality, in the intimate setting of these talks with his attendants.