A Short History of Aurangzib     1618 - 1707

A Short History of Aurangzib 1618 - 1707

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Author: Jadunath Sarkar
Publisher: Orient Longman
Year: 1979
Language: English
Pages: 426
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0861310837


This edition, abridged by the author himself from the original five-volume History of Aurangzib contains nearly one-half of the material of the larger work, and has not led to any loss of the essentials.

Sir Jadunath's work on Aurangzib is still unrivalled. Despite reduction in length from the original, the narratives of the campaigns and the chapters dealing with Aurangzib's career before his accession to the throne have been skillfully compressed while character-sketches, reflections, the survey of progress, decline or fall, and generalizations I e all that brings to life the bare bones of historical information, have been given here almost as fully as in the larger work.


Publisher's Note

1. Early Life, 1618 - 1652
2. Second viceroyalty of the Deccan, 1652 - 1658
3. Illness of Shah Jahan and Rebellion of his Sons
4. War of Succession: Aurangzib Triumphs
5. War of Succession: End of Dara and Shuja
6. The First Half of the Reign: A General Sketch
7. Wars on the Frontiers: Assam and Afghanistan
8. Aurangzib's Religious Policy
9. War in Rajputana: Rebellion of Akbar
10. Rise of Maratha Power
11. Shivaji, 1670-1680
12. Decline and Fall of Bijapur
13. Decline and Fall of the Qutb Shahs
14. Reign of Shambhuji, 1680-1689
15. Struggle with the Marathas upto 1700
16. The Last Phase of Aurangzib's Career
17. Affairs of Northern India
18. Some provinces during Aurangzib's Reign
19. Aurangzib's Character and the Effect of his Reign
20. The Empire of Aurangzib: Its Resources, Trade and Administrative