Secrets of Indian Medicine

Secrets of Indian Medicine

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Author: R. S. Agarwal
Publisher: Sri Aurobindo Ashram
Year: 2011
Language: English
Pages: 240
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788170580683


Secrets of Indian Medicine is itself a kind of a diagnosis and prescription for what ails the practice of ancient Indian medicine.

Some practitioners have forgotten the spiritual idealism and intuitive faculty of the ancient ways, and as a consequence, this profoundly simple system of medicine has become confusing to the modern mind. The author offers lucid and simple explanations of the basic tenets of Ayurveda, including the Tridosha philosophy which lies at the very heart of this ancient system.

Using his field of ophthalmology he provides examples of how he has formulated a synthesis of the four well-known systems of medicine – Ayurveda or Indian medicine, Allopathy or modern medicine, Homeopathy, and Nature Cure – to treat eye troubles, and argues this same type of synthesis can be effectively worked out for the rest of the body.

The early chapters, which lay the foundation for Dr. Agarwal’s integral approach to medicine, are followed by interesting case histories and question-and-answer sections, making this a handbook for improving one’s eyesight as well as en exposition of the secrets of Indian Medicine.



1. What is Man?
i. Man's nature or gunas
ii. Action of gunas in man
iii. Physical body
iv. Two kinds of eyes in man
v. Faculties of Man
2. Tridosha philosophy of Ayurveda
vi. Tridhatu
vii. Tridosha
viii. Different types and forms of Vata Pitta and Kapha
3. Humors of the Body
ix. Composition and function of humors
4. Humors Disorders
5. Effect of Constitutional Disorders on Eye and Body
x. How blood is vitiated according to Ayurveda
xi. Important hints
xii. Fatal prognosis
6. Functional Disorders
xiii. Wrong use
xiv. Non Use
xv. Over use
xvi. Effect of solar eclipse upon the eye
xvii. Eye education
7. Ancient wisdom in ophthalmology
xviii. Therapeutic agents
xix. Tarpana
8. Dietetics
xx. Prescription of diet according to season
xxi. Light and heavy articles
xxii. Dietetic rules
xxiii. Effect of measured and good diet
xxiv. Evils of inadequate diet
xxv. Harmful diet
xxvi. Qualities of articles
xxvii. Diet in diseases
xxviii. Stomach-Intestine wash
9. Classification of organic diseases of Eye
xxix. Diseases of eye lids
xxx. Diseases of sclera and conjunctiva
xxxi. Diseases of cornea
xxxii. Diseases of whole eyeball
xxxiii. Diseases of pupil
xxxiv. Line of treatment in organic diseases
xxxv. A few important hints
xxxvi. Treatment of headache
10. Synthetic Exposition
xxxvii. Medicines
xxxviii. Ancient methods of investigation of drugs
11. Medical Prescriptions
xxxix. Eyewash
xl. Eye drops
xli. Patent medicines of Dr. Agarwal's Eye Institute
xlii. Homeopathic Remedies
xliii. Massage
xliv. Vapour bath
xlv. Relaxation methods
xlvi. Central fixation
xlvii. Palming
xlviii. Shifting and swinging
xlix. Mental pictures
l. White line
li. Snellen test type
12. Refraction and Diseases
lii. Normal eye
liii. Myopia
liv. Hypermetropia
lv. Astigmatism
lvi. Presbyopia or old age sight
lvii. Diseases of eyelids
lviii. Diseases of conjunctiva
lix. Diseases of cornea
lx. Cataract
lxi. Glaucoma
lxii. Night blindness
lxiii. Questions and Answers
lxiv. Nursing of the Eye
lxv. Eyewash-Eyedrop-Eye application
lxvi. Palming education
lxvii. Art of seeing
lxviii. Treatment of visual defects
lxix. Bandage
lxx. Enema
lxxi. Hip bath and cold pack
lxxii. Vitamins
lxxiii. How to write a treatment chart
13. Floating specks or Timir
lxxiv. Stories from the clinic
14. Inflammation of the Eye
lxxv. Inflamed eye
lxxvi. Tension
lxxvii. After treatment
lxxviii. Stories from the clinic
15. Diseases of the Optic Nerve
lxxix. Facts reconciled
lxxx. Optic atrophy
lxxxi. Complete optic atrophy
lxxxii. Shock and optic atrophy
16. Eye Education
lxxxiii. See the natural way
lxxxiv. Variation in Eye Sight
lxxxv. Concentration and Relaxation
lxxxvi. How to concentrate
17. Prescription of Glasses
lxxxvii. How to know the kind of lens
lxxxviii. Some Important rules
18. Treatment of Myopia
lxxxix. Case report
xc. Nystagmus
xci. Treatment in the clinic
xcii. Detachment of Retina
xciii. Macular degeneration
19. Health and Ill-Health
xciv. Choice of Food
xcv. Perfection of the Body
xcvi. Health and vitality
xcvii. Mental attitude
xcviii. Human complexities
xcix. Sex Energy
c. Superman
ci. Psychology
cii. Development of the divine Eye