Pataudi  -  Nawab of Cricket

Pataudi - Nawab of Cricket

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Author: Suresh Menon
Several Contributors/
Translator(s)/ Editors(s): Sharmila Tagore
Publisher: HarperCollins
Year: 2013
Language: English
Pages: 187
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9789350296073


A brilliant anthology of essays on Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi

March 1962: The Indian team to West Indies had just lost its captain, Nari Contractor, to a sickening head injury. A strapping young man, playing only his fourth Test, walked out for the toss with Frank Worrell at Bridgetown.

At twenty-one, he was not only the youngest member of the team, but also the youngest to captain a Test side. He had returned to playing cricket only months after an accident that left him with vision in only one eye.

For the next decade, Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi, or 'Tiger', was the undisputed 'Nawab' of Indian cricket, captaining in all but six of the forty-six Tests he played, forging a national identity in a team often divided along regional lines, proving a game-changer by raising the standard of fielding and by unleashing a famed quartet of spinners, the likes of which the world had not seen.

In Pataudi: Nawab of Cricket, players, writers, editors, actors, friends and opponents reminisce about their association with Tiger. This extraordinary anthology brilliantly put together by Suresh Menon, arguably India's best sports writer and journalist offers a fascinating portrait of a cricketer and a gentleman whose contribution to Indian cricket went beyond the number of Tests he played and the runs he scored.


“His signal, game-changing contribution was integrating and contemporizing Indian cricket at the highest level… and instilling confidence among Indian cricketers that they could take on the best in the world, not just in India but overseas as well.”
--- N. Ram, Former editor-in Chief, The Hindu


Essays by: Farokh Engineer, Abbas Ali Baig, Bishan Bedi, Mike Brearley, David Woolley, Naseeruddin Shah, Sunil Gavaskar, Ian Chappell, N. Ram, Tony Lewis, Vijay Merchant, M.J. Akbar, Suresh Menon, Ray Robinson, Mudar Patherya, Rajdeep Sardesai, John Woodcock, Rahul Dravid, Robin Marlar, Ted Dexter, Mike Coward, Saba Ali Khan, Soha Ali Khan.


Foreword by Sharmila Tagore

1. Laughter United Us by Farokh Engineer
2. From oxford of Hyderabad by Abbas Ali Baig
3. ‘Let Me See if the Umpires are Awake ! by Bishan Bedi
4. ‘I Never Recovered’ by Mike Brearley
5. Tiger Pat’s Schooldays by David Woolley
6. Sighting the Tiger in Extreme Long-Shot by Naseeruddin Shah
7. What Do you Call a Nawab? By Sunil Gavaskar
8. A Worldly-wise Larrikin by Ian Chappell
9. Time of Tiger by N. Ram
10. Laconic Heroism by Tony Lewis
11. The Prince Charming of Indian Cricket by Vijay Merchant
12. Did He Know what he meant to Us? By M.J. Akbar
13. The Self-respect Movement by Suresh Menon
14. Unity on the Field by Ray Robinson
15. The Players’ Player by Rahul Dravid
16. The Many Pataudis by Mudar Patherya
17. One Step Ahead by Rajdeep Sardesai
18. The Common Touch by John Woodcock
19. Starting with Sussex by Robin Marlar
20. An Extraordinary Case by Ted Dexter
21. In Conversation by Mike Coward
22. My Father’s Daughter by Saba Ali Khan
23. Turn the Light Off by Soha Ali Khan
24. About the Contributors
25. Mansur Ali Khan : Career at a Glance