The Etheric Double  -  The Health Aura

The Etheric Double - The Health Aura

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Author: Arthur E Powell
Publisher: Theosophical Publishing
Year: 2015
Language: English
Pages: 158
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788170595649


First published in 1925, this classic text has long been used as a resource by students and scholars of astral phenomena. Its subject is the subtle body which all human beings possess, Physical in Nature but invisible to ordinary eyes.

Of interest to healers, body workers, and all students of esoteric lore, Powell's discussion of the Anatomy of the subtle body, its energy centers, and functions is perceptive and comprehensive.


. General Description
2. Prana or Vitality
3. Force-Centres
4. The Spleen Centre
5. The Base of the Spine Centre
6. The Navel Centre
7. The Heart Centre
8. The Throat Centre
9. The Centre between the Eyebrows
10. The Centre at the Top of the Head
11. Discharges
12. Tabulation of Results
13. Kundalini
14. The Atomic Web
15. Birth
16. Death
17. Healing
18. Mesmerism
19. Shells and Shields
20. Mediumshsip
21. The Work of Dr. Walter J. Kilner
22. Etheric Faculties
23. Magnetization of Objects
24. Ectoplasm
25. Conclusion

List of Diagrams:

I. Solar Forces
II. The Vitality Globule :
1. An Ultimate Physical Atom
2. Vitality Force Enters Atom
3. The Atom Attracts Six other Atoms
4. Formation of the Globule

III. Structure of Force Centre :
1. Shape
2. Inrush of Vital Force
3. Formation of "Spokes"
4. Formation of Secondary Forces

IV. Spleen Centre :
1. Structure
2. Absorption of Vitality Globules
3. Decomposition of Vitality Globules
4. Dispersion of Vitality Particles

V. Base of Spine Centre :
1. Normal Person
2. Developed Person

VI. Navel Centre
VII. Heart Centre
VIII. Throat Centre
IX. Between-the-Eyebrows Centre
X. Top-of-Head Centre
XI. Discharges
XII. Distribution Chart
XIII. Man and his Etheric Centres
XIV. The Atomic Shield