Tirupati  -  A Guide to Life

Tirupati - A Guide to Life

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Author: Kota Neelima
Publisher: Random House India
Year: 2012
Language: English
Pages: 280
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788184001983


Many of you would be wondering about the need for such a book.
Who is it for? Are there not enough books on religion and spirituality already available? Our lives have become complicated and challenging in recent times, or perhaps it is we who have made it such. We worry about too many things and when confused or in trouble, seek direction and answers from the Lord.

In this timely book, Neelima tries to take us closer to Lord Sri Venkateswara and helps us understand the relevance of Triputi in today's times. It is a breath of fresh in the present times. It helps us to understand the basics of life, and that it is still indeed simple. More often than not, it is we who get confused and lost and eventually complicate it unnecessarily.

For the first time ever, Tirupati: A Guide to Life analyses and connects the philosophy surrounding the god of Tirupati to the tests and tragedies of our everyday life. From what is considered a sin to what is dharma to anecdotes on sorrow, neglect, betrayal, and ways of finding wealth, success, and faith, the book bridges the generational gaps in relevance and application of ancient wisdom to modern life.

It traces the divine and historical origins of the temple at Venkatachala, and provides a glimpse into the interior of the holy shrine one of the world’s most important religious places. The book includes:

The list of festivals of Tirupati
Vehicles of gods used for each festival
Slokas read in the temple to wake up the Lord
Dos and don’ts of the temple

With a foreword by the head priest, this is the story and glory of Lord Sri Venkateswara, the god who loves His devotees, fulfils their desires, and redeems them. Tirupati: A Guide to Life is for all those who believe that destiny can be changed, and want to know how.


“The Modern Man’s guide to Tirupati.”
--- Sri Kanumuru Bapiraju, Chairman, TTD



Selection 1 : Tracing the Origin of Tirupati

1. The History
2. The Temple

Section 2 : The Philosophy of Lord Sri Venkateswara : Venkatachala Mahatmaya from Skanda Purana

3. The Avatars (Part I)
4. The Avatars (Part II)
5. Venkatachala Mountain
6. Faith
7. Keeping Promises
8. The Bitter Fruits of Karma
9. Breach of Trust
10. For Good People
11. The Company of Sinners
12. A Parent’s Burden
13. Change
14. The Welfare of the World
15. The Importance of Land

Section 3 : The Way of a Perfect Devotee

16. The Thirty ways to god
17. Modern Sins
18. Sins and Twenty-Eight Hells
19. Time for Holy Baths
20. Speaking of the Puranas
21. A Shortcut to Happiness
22. Climbing the Mountain
23. Some Dos and Dont’s

Section 4 : Celebrating the God of Tirupati

24. Festivals of Tirupati
25. Vehicles of God
26. Suprabhatam : The First Prayer

A Note on the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams
Trusts Run by TTD for the Welfare of Pilgrims