Present Day China       (Set of 5 Books in Slip-in Box)

Present Day China (Set of 5 Books in Slip-in Box)

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Author: M Rasgotra
Several Contributors/
Translator(s)/ Editors(s): M Rasgotra
Publisher: Academic Foundation
Year: 2012
Language: English
Pages: 725
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788171889648


China Studies Programme has been closely following the emergence of India’s great neighbour on the global centre-stage as a military and economic superpower. Of particular interest have been China’s political and social evolution, its economy and how its foreign and security policies affect India and the World. China Studies Series is an effort to analyse China’s economic, political and military trajectory in a sustained and dispassionate manner and create a body of insightful work which will be useful to scholars, policymakers, journalists and all those interested in knowing China better.


Volume 1 : China Today – Politics, Society and Culture Foreword Introduction The Contributors 1. Internal Political Scene in china – An Overview- D.S. Rajan 2. Through the looking Glass – Trends, Developments and the Chiness Communist Party – Raviprasad Narayana 3. China’s Internal Contradictions – A Socio-Political Analysis – Ravni Thakur 4. China’s Handling of the process of Globalization – C. V. Ranganathan 5. Ways of Thinking – Psycholinguistic Reflections on Sino-Indian Relationships and Potentialities – Ravi Boothalingam Volume 2 : China – Economy and Environment Foreword Introduction 1. China’s Economy : Performance, Problems and Prospects – An Overview by Prem Shankar Jha 2. Food and Agriculture in China by Sriram Natrajan 3. Science and Technological Capability Building in China : Impact of Open Policies by V.P. Kharbanda 4. China : The Energy Picture by Sudha Mahalingam 5. China’s Challenges in Environment and Development by Prodipto Ghosh 6. China’s External Economic Relations and Position on Leading International Economic Issues by D.S. Rajan 7. India-China Economic Relations by Vivek Bharati 8. India-China Economic Relations by Rajeev Anantaram 9. China and the Global Economic Crisis by C.V. Ranganathan Volume 3 : Contemporary China and the World Foreword Introduction 1. China-US Relations : Facing off Pax Sinica Versus Pax Pacifica by Raviprasad Narayanam 2. China’s Foreign Policy Choices and Security Strategy in East Asia by Abanti Bhattacharya 3. China-Russia, CIS and Central Asia by P. Stobdan 4. China in Africa: A ‘Win-Win’ Partnership? Ruchita Beri 5. China’s Position on Major Global Issues and Challenges by Madhu Bhalla 6. India-China Bilateral Relations : Imparting Fresh Impetus to Relations by C.V. Ranganathan Volume 4 : China and South Asia : Developments and Trends Foreword Introduction 1. China and South Asia : An Overview by Brahma Chellaney 2. China’s Approach and Policy towards India, and India-China Relations by T.C.A. Rangachari 3. China’s Policy and Relations with Pakistan by Ajay Darshan Behera 4. Pakistan-China Military Relations by Shalini Chawla 5. China and the Indian Ocean : Cooperation or Conflict by Bhaskar Roy 6. Bangladesh-China : Trusted Allies by Sreeradha Datta 7. Explaining China’s growing Influence in Sri Lanka by V. Suryanarayan 8. China’s Approach And Policy towards Nepal and Bhutan by Sangeeta Thapliyal 9. Emerging Trends in China’s Myanmar Policy 10. China-South Asia by C.V. Ranganathan Volume 5 : Present Day China – A Net Assessment Foreword by M. Rasgotra Introduction by H.H.S. Viswanathan 1. China’s Economy : Strengths and Weakness by Raj Kumar 2. China’s Economy : Internal and External by Vivek Bharati 3. Technology as the key to power : what India can learn from China by Smita Purushottam 4. China’s Environmental Problems : An Indian Viewpoint by P.S. Ramakrishnan 5. The internal Political Situation in China by B. Raman 6. Whither China : Prospects and Direction ? A Net Assessment of the social, cultural and human dimensions of China’s Development by Ravi Bhoothalingam 7. China-US Relations by H.H.S. Viswanathan 8. China-EU Relations by H.H.S. Viswanathan 9. Russia-China Relations : Uneasy Friendship ? by Nandan Unnikrishnan and Ajish P. Joy 10. China’s Growing Role in Central Asia by Angira Sen Sarma 11. China’s Relations with East Asia and Southeast Asia in the Asia-Pacific Setting by Dilip Lahiri 12. China and the International System by Madhu Bhalla 13. China and South Asia by Sreemati Chakrabarti