The Little Book of Genius  -  Omniscience Sop-history & Talent

The Little Book of Genius - Omniscience Sop-history & Talent

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Author: Keith Souter
Publisher: Vision/Orient paperbacks
Year: 2011
Language: English
Pages: 232
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788122205268


The Problem is not our inadequate genetic assets, but our inability to tap into, and develop, what we already have.

Genes are not a ‘blueprint’ that bless us with some greatness; how we are raised determines how smart we become. Nurture and experience reshape our genes, and our mental capital.

Certainty it is important to have good genes, but that is at most 50 Per cent of what we become. Genius is also in our intelligence, which is the skills that we develop through hard work. Intensity of motivation, ambition, persistence, and self-discipline are not just products of genes, but are shaped by nurture and environment.


‘One is not born a genius; one becomes a genius’.
--- Simone de Beauvior



Part I – The Seeds of Genius

1. You don’t have to be a genius
2. Heuristics and Rules of Thumb
3. A Matter of Character
4. Creativity
5. The Lost art of Sophistry
6. Improve your Memory
7. Comic Genius (Or How to tell a Joke)

Part II – Omni-Science

8. Science
9. Mathematics
10. History
11. Literature
12. Drama
13. Poetry
14. Art
15. Philosophy
16. Medicine and the Body
17. Religion and Belief
18. Economics and Finance
19. Sport
20. A Little Latin
21. Cooking or Cuisine
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