The Ambrosia Heart Tantra  -  The Secret Oral Teaching on the Eight Branches of the Science of Heali

The Ambrosia Heart Tantra - The Secret Oral Teaching on the Eight Branches of the Science of Heali

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Author: Yeshi Donden
Translator(s)/ Editors(s): Jhampa Kelsang
Publisher: Library of Tibetan Works & Archives
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 118
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8185102929


In Sanskrit this text is known as Amrta-astangahrdayupadesatantra; in Tibetan: bDud rtsi snying po yan lag brgyad pa gsang ba man ngag gi rgyud translated into English as Ambrosia Heart Tantra: The Four Secret Oral Teachings on the Eight Branches of the Science of Healing.

The Original Sanskrit work was probably written during the fourth century A.D. It was translated into Tibetan by Vairochana and given to King Khri-srong IDe'u-btsan (755-797 A.D.) and to the royal Court physician, the Elder Yuthog Yontan Gonpo (708-833 A,D). Yuthog not only clarified this work but also wrote 18 supplements to it.

It is most likely that after the famous international Medical conference at Samye, Yuthog synthesized the best of the then known medical systems and rewrote the rGyud-bzhi Four Tantras. His work was shaped by his most famous descendent, the Younger Yuthog Yontan Gonpo (1112-1203 A.D.).

The rGyud-bzhi is written in question and answer form between Rishi Yid-las-skye and Rishi Rig-pa'i Ye-shes, both of whom were believed to be the emanations of the Medicinal Buddha. The work is divided into four Books containing 156 chapters and 5,900 verses which deal together with the following eight branches of medicine.

Lus-The body (this includes physiology, anatomy, embryology, Pharmacology etc.); Byis-pa--paediatrics; Mo-nad- gynaecology; gDon-disorders associated with harmful influences; mTson-disorders of wounds inflicted by missiles; Dug-toxicology; rGas-geriatrics; and Ro-rtza-fertility and reproductively.


Publisher's Note
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Translator's Note

PART ONE: The Root Tantra

Commentary on the Title
1. Enumeration of Subjects
2. The Basis of Illness
3. Diagnosis and Symptoms
4. Methods of Healing
5. The Enumeration of Metaphors

PART TWO: The Explanatory Tantra

1. Synthesis of the Explanatory Tantra
2. The Manner of the Formation of the Body
3. Similes of the Body
4. The Anatomy of the Body
5. Characteristics of the Body
6. The Actions and Classifications of the Body
7. Signs of Death
8. The Causes of Illnesses
9. The Conditions Contributing to Illnesses
10. The Manner of Entrance of Illnesses
11. The Characteristics of Illnesses
12. The Classification of Illnesses
13. Continual Daily Behaviour
14. Seasonal Behaviour
15. Occasional Behaviour