Unto Research - Restoring Indic Knowledge Traditions through Global Networking

Unto Research - Restoring Indic Knowledge Traditions through Global Networking

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Author: Swami Chinmayananda
Eminent Contributors/
Translator(s)/ Editors(s): Margret Dukes/Neena Dev/Padmashree Rao et al
Publisher: Chinmaya Mission Trust
Year: 2012
Language: English
Pages: 260
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9781608270088


Chinmaya International Foundation is that part of Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda's vision and mission which seeks to unravel the ager-old knowledge traditions of India and present it to the generation of people at hand. This book that captures Swami Chinmayananda's vision, enumeration and articulation for the protection of the essence of India - Sanskrit and Indian Philosophy - so that it is ever with the world. Restoring Indic Knowledge Traditions through Global Networking...

“Sankara was indeed pre-eminently the fittest genius who could undertaken this self-appointed task as the sole guardian angel of the Rsi-culture. An exquisite thinker, a brilliant intellect, a personality scintillating with the vision of truth, a heart throbbing with industrious faith and ardent desire to serve the nation, sweetly emotional and relentlessly logical – in Sankara the Upanisads discovered the fittest spiritual general.

He brought into his work his literary dexterity, both in prose and poetry, and in his hands, under the heat of his fervent ideals, the great Sanskrit language become almost plastic : he could mold it into any shape and into any form. From vigorous prose heavily laden with irresistible arguments to flowing rivulets of lilting tuneful songs of love and beauty, there was no technique that Sankara did not take up, and whatever literary from he took up, he proved himself to be a master in it.

From masculine prose to soft feminine songs, form marching militant verses to dancing song ful words, be he in the halls of the Upanishad commentaries or in the temple of the Brahmasutra Expositions, in the amphitheater of his Bhagavad-Gita discourses, or in the open flowery fields of his devotional songs, his was a pen that danced to the rhythm of his heart and the swing of his thoughts.


1. Genesis – The Story of how an idea of an organization for Research was born
2. Research Finds its Address – Coming Home to Sri Sankara, the unique grace of being located in Sri Sankara’a birth home, Melpazhur Mana becomes Adi Sankara Nilayam
3. Giving the Vision Shape and a Home – The Revival of Melpazhur
4. Taking the Vision Forward – The Tireless manner in which Gurudev Communicated the CIF Vision Statement and intention to the World just before his mahasamadhi
5. Footprints on the land of Sankara – Coping with the departure of the visionary, taking charge of an inheritance
6. Change of Guard – A Fine Lesson in Leadership – Guruji Swami TEjomayananda gently steps in and props CIF and its vision – a fine lesson in leadership and taking ownership
7. Research : The Vision Unfolds – Guruji Swami Tejomayananda finds the right director for CIF
8. The Rigors of Research – From the drawing board to building the edifice of operations; the difficulties in building a brand and an image.
9. You Can’t find India in English – Discovering the location of Indian heritage and ethos in an address called Sanskrit
10. When providence knocked, Purusartha Opened the Door – Anusaaraka – The bridge that introduced Panini to Natural Language Processing – Astadhyayi Points the Way to a language translator
11. A Generation of Story Tellers, Teachers, and Scribes – Manuscriptology – one of the key result areas for CIF and a walk into the mysterious but fascinating world of manuscripts and scripts
12. Bridging Pundit and Public – Workshops and seminars that have brought ancient texts and philosophies close to the seeking student.
13. From thought to Word – Publications produced by CIF and the wealth of research behind them.
14. Distance learning and the teacher’s touch – Home study courses – how Gurudev conceived the idea of self study and its growth in thirty years.
15. Ekam Sat … Bridging East and West – The effort to engage the Western seeker with Eastern Teachings – Understanding India.
16. From Veliyanad to WWW – CIF’s engagement with the web and the social media, and how a small organization is bridging science and spirituality.
17. Looking Back, Looking Forward – From a little idea on research to an online Sanskrit University.
18. Mother – Adi Sankara Nilayam – the story of the land, its temples its festivities and its quaint little stories come down over the years.
19. CIF Website Links
20. Glossary
21. Transliteration and Pronunciation Guide
22. Patrons and Contributors