India & Tibet

India & Tibet

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Author: Francis Younghusband
Publisher: Book Faith India
Year: 2010
Language: English
Pages: 409
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8173031061


In this volume Francis Young Husband provides a detailed account of British-Indian Relations with Tibet from the time of Warren Hastings in the 1770's to 1910, with special emphasis on the British Mission to Lhasa in 1004. Through Young husband’s historical account, the reader gains Insight not only into British Relations with Tibet, but also into Chinese Policy with Tibet throughout several centuries.

This book contains information valuable to anyone interested in the Political History of Tibet and how the past relates to present day problems.


Preface to the New Edition
India and Tibet, an Introduction

1. Bogle's Mission,1774
2. Turner's Mission, 1782
3. Manning's Visit to Lhasa
4. The Bengal Government's Effort, 1873-86
5. The Convention with China
6. Securing the Treaty Rights
7. Negotiations with Russia
8. A Mission Sanctioned
9. Simla to Khambadzong
10. Khambadzongi
11. Darjeeling to Chumbi
12. Tuna
13. Gyantse
14. The Storming of Gyantse Jong
15. The Advance to Lhasa
16. The Terms
17. The Negotiations
18. The Treaty Concluded
19. Impressions at Lhasa
20. The Returns
21. The Results of the Mission
22. Negotiations with China
23. The Attitude of the Tibetans since 1904
24. Some Conclusions
25. A Final Reflection