Gupp & Gossip from the Hills

Gupp & Gossip from the Hills

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Author: Ganesh Saili
Painter/Illustrator/Animator: TK Manoj Kumar
Publisher: Niyogi Books
Year: 2012
Language: English
Pages: 132
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9789381253407


There is not such a place as these hills for the tongue of false report to wag about. Everybody thinks everybody else’s affairs to be more worth looking after than their own. If you have a friend or two to lunch, tea or dinner, the whole town is sure to know before noon next day what was on your table and who said or ate what.

Ganesh Saili reveals his very personal collection of gupp and gossip from the foothills of the Himalayas in his latest Gupp and Gossip from the Hills.


Two buddies, Ruskin bond and Ganesh Saili, Both with elephantine memories and an infectious sense of humour…. When their tongues wag, ears burn and cheeks blush. Read on….
--- Victor Banerjee

Easy prose at an easy pace, after Mussoorie Medley plenty of recent stories remained to be told to celebrate the colourful, contemporary characters. Nobody is better equipped than Ganesh Saili to record the innuendoes whispered asides, unspoken truths and day-to-day falsehoods of a hill station’s life. He has a well-attuned ear for Himalayan Gupp and Gossip.
--- Stephen Alter

Ganesh Saili deserves the honorary title of Mussoorie Consul’. He is a master of brining to the fore a touch of scandal, a hint of naughty goings-on or hilarious encounters that otherwise might have remained forever forgotten. Gupp and Gossip from the Hills is another masterpiece of the genre.
--- Robert Hutchison



1. Of our times
2. Monkey trouble
3. Man-eaters in the hills
4. Schools for Scandal
5. The Misfits
6. Mishmash
7. No Stealing or Killing Please
8. What’s in a Name
9. Our Match Fixing
10. Acts of the Gods
11. Mountain Lore
12. Serving Spirits