Echoes From Lungleng Tang  - Bongcher Literature of Oral Tradition

Echoes From Lungleng Tang - Bongcher Literature of Oral Tradition

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Author: Kamal Bongcher
Translator(s)/ Editors(s): Zohming Thanga Bongcher/Saroj Chaudhri
Publisher: Sahitya Akademi
Year: 2011
Language: English
Pages: 149
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788126032105


In the Sylvan hills and lush green valleys of Tripura, about a score of ethic groups live. The Bongchers belong to one of them. Although the language is purely oral and has yet to find its own script, it has a rich treasure of exquisite oral literature. Some selected pieces have been included in this anthology. The resource persons in collection and rendering are Kamal Bongcher and Zohming Thanga Bongcher.

Kamal Bongche works as revenue inspector of government of Tripura, a leading intellectual among the Bongcher speaking community, devoted to conservation and development of his own language and culture.

In recognition of his service to the cause of language and culture, he has been felicitated by the department of information and culture, of the government of Tripura. Zohming Thanga Bongcher is an inborn and accomplished story-teller. He is a living encyclopedia of Bongcher traditional folk-tales, myths, folk-songs, stories, poverbs and idioms. He inherited the store of Bongcher oral literature from his illustrious grandmother, Nelsie Laxmi Bongcher, after whose name the original Bongcher locality become known as nelsiepara.

A social and environmental activist, Zohming Thanga works dedicatedly for his language and culture. In recognition of his contributions, he has been awarded the Bhasa Samman award of the Government of Tripura. The translators were overseen by Saroj chaudhuri, a venerable scholar, playwright critic and translator.



1. Songs
2. Song at day break
3. At Night
4. Morning
5. Song of the Duck
6. Children
7. Granny
8. Grandma
9. Come, O Rain
10. Song of the Destitute – I
11. Song of the Destitute – II
12. Love Song – I
13. Love Song – II
14. Love Song – III
15. Love Song – IV
16. Love Song – V
17. Separation – I
18. Separation – II
19. Riddles
20. Proverbs
21. Idioms
22. Comparisons
23. Moral Tale
24. Lump of earth and Bomboo split
25. Tales
26. Thuimuthu
27. Lalrawnga Retep (Tale of Lalrawnga)
28. The Story of Monoitangjal
29. The tale of Hen’s egg
30. The tale of Selepchha
31. The tale of a Fox
32. Zongkhak Tepu (The tale of Chimpanzee)
33. The tale of Parualsirika
34. The tale of the Frog boy
35. Papiyasa Retep (The tale of Papiyasa)
36. The Story of Vapawlpa
37. The Story of Chemsawrmanpa
38. The Story of Buitey
39. The Story of Rulrengtenu
40. Sarate Retep (The Story of An Orphan)
41. Sura Skits
42. Sura and Collection of Forest potato
43. Sura and Tiger
44. Sura and his egg plant fruits
45. Sura’s husking
46. Sura and the Stripes
47. Transliteration scheme (for the Originals)
48. Collection Details