Modern Urdu Poets

Modern Urdu Poets

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Author: Yunus Ahmar
Publisher: Adam Publishers
Year: 1999
Language: English
Pages: 231
ISBN/UPC (if available): 81-7435-162-0


This book is principally a sum of critical responses to selected modern poets in Urdu language.

The author's aim here is to capture, for his readers, something of the splendor of modern Urdu verse through his pithy analysis, penetrative comments and copious illustrations. He has selected for his critical appraisal modern poets like Josh, Faiz, Qasmi, Ibe-e-Insha, Mustafa Zaidi, Shaukat Wasti, Ada Jafgri and a few others. He discusses these poets in a manner that has probably never been attempted before. While evaluating their merit, he does not confine himself to any of the several approaches to literary criticism. Instead, his attitude is eclectic.

The object of Yunus Ahmar's critical appreciation not only enables him to look at things from the poet's angle of vision, it is also to quicken his mind, to make his reading creative. And to this end, apart from logic and reasoning, evidence in the form of quotations is indispensable. After going through Ahmar's appreciation, the reader isno longer a passive recipient of information, he learns to think and decide for himself.

For those lovers of Urdu literature, who are not conversant with this language, this book is a boon.


1. Josh Malihabadi
2. Faiz Ahmed Faiz
3. Farigh Bukhari
4. Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi
5. Ibne Insha
6. Ahsan Ali Khan
7. Ahmad Shamim
8. Abdul Aziz Khalid
9. Kishwar Naheed
10. Salim Ahmed
11. Anujm Azmi
12. Ahmad Zafar
13. Jamiluddin Aali
14. Himayat Ali Sha'ir
15. Mustafa Zaidi
16. Wazir Agha
17. Sahar Ansari
18. Amjad Islam Amjad
19. Shabnam Roomani
20. Ahmad Faraz
21. Shaukat Wasti
22. Sadiq Naseem
23. Parveen Syed Fana
24. Jameel Malick
25. Mohsin Ehsan
26. Ada Badayuni to Ada Jafri
27. Ejaz Faruqi
28. Irfana Aziz
29. Afsar Mahpuri
30. W.A. Shaheen
31. Adeeb Suhail
32. Tabish Dehlvi
33. Mahshar Badayuni
34. Sarshar Siddiqi