Indian Cookery   -  The Taste of India

Indian Cookery - The Taste of India

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Author: Anju khattar
Publisher: CrestPublishing House
Year: 2012
Language: English
Pages: 230
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8124204950


The recipes in this book takes you all on a unique gourmet trail of many diverse regions of India. The full repertoire comprises authentic dishes from the Cuisines of Kashmir Haryana Punjab Goa Kerala Chettinad Chennai Mangalore Gujarat Maharashtra Rajasthan Lucknow and Bengal as well as Anglo-Indian dishes like Parsi.

India can boast for its innumerable varieties of tasty and nutritious vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes as in recent times they have become popular not only in India but many parts of the world.

Dishes like Pulaos spicy kormas Koftas Kababs Biryanis garnished with pounded silver(vark) Tandoori i.e.tender marinated Chichken-Meat Kebabs roasted in tandoor. Sarson ka Saag Makki ki Roti Rajma Raita Papads Pickels Paan or Gilori Dal-Batti and Choorma. Dhokla Theplas Shrikhand. Sai-Bhaji hot Vindaloo curries Dosas Idlis Vadas Sambar and Rasam are all cooked till today. And to enjoy the dishes I wish my readers a happy and a great cooking.


The Taste of India- An Introduction
North India
Kashmiri Flavour
Pahri Shaan
Punjabi Rasoi
Hariyanawi Khaan-Paan
Lucknawi Mizaz
Benarasi Cooking
East India
Assamee Food
Bengali Kitchen
North West
Rajasthani Aan
Gujarati Pasand
West India
Maharashtrian Delights
Parsi Food Lovers
Sindhi Tevar
Goan Delicacies
South India
Dakshini Mirch Masala