50 Crime, Murder, Mysteries and Detective Stories

50 Crime, Murder, Mysteries and Detective Stories

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Author: Edgar Wallace
Several Contributors/
Publisher: Indiana Publishing House
Year: 2012
Language: English
Pages: 394
ISBN/UPC (if available): 81-8408-161-8


This anthology brings together fifty selected short detective stories on crime, murder and mystery. It features notable authors and their much-loved popular fiction.


1. The Phoney Phoenix/A.A. Rouse
2. The Cannibal Killer/Albert Fish
3. A 'Perfect Crime'/Albert Snyder
4. The Lindbergh Kidnapping Case/Bruno Hauptmann
5. The Dismembering Doctor/Buck Ruxton
6. The Bodysnatchers/Burke and Hare
7. Death of the Jade Bride/Chung Yi Maio
8. The First Deadly Doctor/Doctor Castaing
9. The Deadly Dentist/Doctor Waite
10. Motorcycles and Matricide/Donald Merrett
11. The Scarlet Butterfly/Dulcie Gray
12. The Gorilla Murderer/Earle Nelson
13. The Inoffensive Captain/E. C. Bentley
14. The Treasure Hunt/Edgar Wallace
15. The Other Eye (Al Darlan)/Edward D. Hoch
16. The Reason Why (Jack Dwyer)/Edward German
17. Out of Paradise/E.W. Hornung
18. The Butcher of Hanover/Fritz Haarmann
19. The Brides in the Bath/G.J. Smith
20. The Eye of Apollo/G.K. Chesterton
21. Murder at Madison Square Garden/Worry Thaw
22. A Super-Poisoner/Henri Girard
23. Inspector Ghote and the Miracle Baby/H.R.F. Keating
24. 'I Have Done with Everybody'/Johann Hoch
25. Nemesis in the Night/John Williams
26. The Girl with the Red/Gold Hair/June Thomson
27. 'Look at Those Nerves!'/Kenneth Neu
28. Poet and Murderer/Lacenaire
29. The Bluebeard of Paris/Landru
30. Murder by Genius/Leopold and Loeb
31. The Mystery of the Child's Toy/Leslie Charteris
32. Mr. Bovey's Unexpected Will/L.T. Meade & Robert Eustace
33. The Nineteen Dandelions/Major Armstrong
34. Superintendent Wilson's Holiday/Margaret Cole
35. The Troublesome Typist/Patrick Mahon
36. The Sadist/Peter Kurten
37. The Reluctant Rattlesnakes/Robert James
38. The Nickel Derby (Henry Po)/Robert J. Randisi
39. Guilt-Edged Blonde (Lew Archer)/Ross Macdonald
40. The Rubber Trumpet/Roy Vickers
41. America's First Arch-Murderer/Samuel Green
42. Insurance and Arson/Sidney Fox
43. Wanted-Dead and Alive (Chester Drum)/Stephen Marlowe
44. Busted Blossoms (Toby Peters)/Stuart M. Kaminsky
45. She Didn't Come Home (Kinsey Millhone)/Sue Grafton
46. The Murder That Misfired/Thomas Allaway
47. Man of Letters and Poison/Thomas Wainewright
48. The Brighton Trunk Mystery/Tony Mancini
49. The Red Barn Murder/William Corder
50. Britain's Most Baffling Crime/William H. Wallace