Six Tales from Arabian Nights

Six Tales from Arabian Nights

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Author: A Collection
Publisher: Indiana Publishing House
Year: 2012
Language: English
Pages: 360
ISBN/UPC (if available): 81-8408-256-8


This book is an exemplary collection of nine dreamy volumes in the form of individual classics. They will transport your imagination to a far off world of a bygone era-those enchanting stories from the land of Arabia, full of magical charm, sagas of courtly love from Bagdad and the desert romances of grand sheriffs, the royal artifices and crafty intrigues of dynasties and bewildering mysteries – all delight and enchant your senses bewitching your attention to read more.


1. The Story of the young lady who was Murdered, and of the young Man Her Husband
2. The Story of Noureddin Ali and Bedreddin Hassan
3. The Story of Prince Amgiad and of Prince Assad
4. The Enchanted Horse
5. The Story of the Little Hunchback
6. The Story of the Husband and the Parrot