Healing Through Mantra

Healing Through Mantra

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Author: P Khurrana
Publisher: Indiana Publishing House
Year: 2011
Language: English
Pages: 172
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788184081824


Among the several approaches to spiritual power, insight and welfare of man, the cult of Mantras is an important one. There has sprung up this

This book is an attempt to develop the human potential thrugh Mantra. It deals with what Mantras are, what the benefits of Mantras are, how to us the Mantras and what must be guarded against.

Every Mantra has been

A Mantra is usually a formula, a collection of letter or phonemes of words without or without meaning.

The total number of Mantras avaiable in texts - like Mantra Maharnava,

The author treats Mantraism as the gift Ancient Sages of India who have analysed the importance of mantra in mitigating all the problems of life. A Mantra has the beneficial effects because of the Sound it vibrates, ever sound having a meaning that has Beer underlined. He explains the fundamental principles of Mantra Therapy in a simple unadored way. It shows the author's deep Knowledge on the subject.


List of Mantras

1. What is Mantra
2. Mantra and Mala
3. Mantra, Sadhana and Karma
4. The Power of Sound
5. Vibration of Various Dhwanis (Sound)
6. Vowels in Nagri-lipi and its Equivalent in English Language
7. Mantra and Planets
8. Gayatri Mantra
9. The Twelve Sun Mantras
10. Mantra and Gems
11. Mantras
12. Navgreh Mantras
13. Nine Mantras for Infatuation
14. Significance of Mantra on Fourth and Eleventh Lunar Day
15. Kala Gyana Mantra