Healing Through Yantra

Healing Through Yantra

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Author: P Khurrana
Publisher: Indiana Publishing House
Year: 2012
Language: English
Pages: 175
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788184082517


The word Yantra implies a process of writing numerals on a paper, bhoj patra, metal, asht dhatu, stone or gold. Each number has its significance. Yantras may be numerical syllabically or diagrammatic. Yantras exist in almost all religions of the world such s Hinduism Jainism, Islam, Christianity and others.

Yantra is not magic but a system of writing which has been frequently mistaken with witchcraft or black magic. Basically Yantra is an apparatus, a talisman or mystical diagram that can be made after attaining Siddhi under the instructions of a competent Guru only. Some of the greatest Siddhs are Tirumala, Boga, Agastyan, Gautam Buddha, Mahavira, Patanjali, Goraknath, Tilopa, Naropa and Milarepa who attained great occult powers with the help of mantra and Yantras.

Yantra-tantra flourished in eastern India until the beginning of the 13th century when the Muslim invaders destroyed the great Indian universities and the centers of Yantra-tantra. Many thousands of rare manuscripts, paintings and icons were destroyed and their professors and practitioners slaughtered. However, some managed to escape to Nepal, Tibet, Assam, Burma, South India, Ceylon and Java and took with them the knowledge of all this and also some manuscripts. This was the end of the golden age of Yantra-tantra in India.


1 Index of Yantras
2 About the Author
3 Preface
4 Acknowledgement
5 Introduction
6 What is Yantra
7 Guru and Yantra
8 Direction for Yantras
9 Method of Yantra Puja
10 Practical Uses of Yantra
11 Pen and Ink for Writing Yantra
12 Yantras
13 Vocabulary
14 Mantras in Sanskrit