Appreciation of Indian Art  -  Selected Writings

Appreciation of Indian Art - Selected Writings

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Author: Swami Sarvabhutananda
Foreword/Introduction: Arun Ghosh
Publisher: Ramakrishna Mission
Year: 2011
Language: English
Pages: 394
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9789381325049


Art in life is like salt in cooking. A pinch of salt more, or less, spoils the taste of food Te same is equally true about the role played by art, which a difference Unlike salt we do not usually recognize its omnipresent role in daily life. There are many among us, educated in all other branches of studies excepting art, who proudly claim how little they do understand, our are about art and yet live along successully. This enforced ignorance about art, in life of so many men and women of today who appear to be happy enough, easily raises one question, Why study art.

Theory, in most branches of scientific studies, precedes practice. Not so in the field of arts where theory develops afterwards, The subject of Indian aesthetics is no exception. It has to be studied in this perspective in order to appreciate the development of Indian art.

Appreciation of a work of art is the result of three active participants. The artist who creates it and his patron who arranges its materialization have one thing in common. Their active involvement ends soon after the artwork is finished. The importance of the connoisseurs, or Rasika in Indian terms, starts from that point. It is the role of the rasika we are primarily concerned with in this book. A rasika can introduce newer interpretations of the same work of art as time passes and changes occur in socio-economic front in tandem.

The faculty of appreciating art lies in all of us. It remains in a nascent stage needing guided cultivation to achieve its true potential. There lies the importance of a regularized rogramme to learn appreciation of art. This book is intended to initiate the reader towards this direction.


Publisher’s Note
1. Story of Art and Story in Art – Arun Ghose
2. Methods and Materials of Art: Oil Painting – Arun Ghose
3. Mural: A Medium of Magnificence - Ramlal Dhar
4. Methods and Materials of Sculpture – Sandip Chakraborty
5. Print Making the Art of Fine Prints – Prof. Parag Roy
6. Aesthetic Ideology of Indian Art – Dr Swati Bhattacharya
7. Harappan Sculpture: A Preliminary Reading – Dr Nupur Das Gupta
8. Sculpture in India; Ancient, & Early Medieval – Dr Gautam Sen Gupta
9. Religious Architecture – Dr. Dipak Ranjan Das
10. Historicity of Cave Murals: Stone Age to Ajanta – Dr Sujit Narayan Sen
11. Indian Manuscript Painting – Dr T.K. Biswas
12. Painting in Mughal India – Dr Ashok Das