Panorama of Jain Art - South India

Panorama of Jain Art - South India

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Author: C Sivaramamurti
Publisher: The Times of India
Year: 1983
Language: English
Pages: 372
ISBN/UPC (if available): B003DXF678


This superb volume with over 500 full color and monochrome plates with an introduction that rapidly surveys the historical background narrates an absorbing story of a panorama of South Indian art.

The contribution of Jain art to the main stream of art in India has been considerable. Every phase of Indian art is represented by a Jain version and each one of them is worthy of meticulous study and understanding. The range is wide, the charm inviting, the study revealing.

This volume covers peninsular India, the South and Deccan, including the present states of Tamil Nadu, Karnagtaka;, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and a fringe of Maharashtra.

Released close to the millennium year of the famous monolith sculpture of Bahubali at Sravanbelagola in Karnataka, this volume adequately sings the glory of Jain art in this region.