Uncompromising Tibet:   Tradition  -  Religion  -  Politics

Uncompromising Tibet: Tradition - Religion - Politics

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Author: Wolfgang Von Erffa
Publisher: Paljor Publications
Year: 1996
Language: English
Pages: 162
ISBN/UPC (if available): 818623005X


Mythical Tibet : A distant Country of lonely giant peaks, surpassing 8000 meters, which over the centuries attracted adventurers and travellers; An ancient, highly-developed culture on the roof of the world.

The reality : Since 1959 China has occupied this country, violating international public-law and human rights. His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama, the Religious and Political head of Tibet, who received the Nobel Peace Price in 1989, lives in exile in India. However Tibet has remained, however, uncompromising; resistance has not been subdued.

The author tries to link Myth and reality : Based on personal Impressions gathered during journeys to Tibet, and from the experience of many years working as a political analyst, he perceives the Synthesis of spirituality, belief in the Buddhist teachings, Cultural identity and the political routine of everyday life; an unique synthesis which is the source of Strength behind the Survival of Tibet.

This is the story of an endangered nation defending its unique culture, its compassionate Religion and the beauty of its country-teaching the World compassion, courage, tolerance and Love of peace. These teachings the essence of Tibetan Buddhism-are spreading allover the world and thus prove to be, in accordance with an old Tibetan maxim, "victorious in all directions".


1. Under the spell of uncompromising Tibet
2. Triumph of Compassion
3. Tibet’s Spirituality
4. Hope for Change
5. China’s Policy Towards Tibet
6. China and the ecology of Tibet
7. Tibet and the west
8. Tibet’s status according to international public law
9. The path to liberty for Tibet
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