Vedanta : Swami Chinmayananda  -  His Words, His Legacy

Vedanta : Swami Chinmayananda - His Words, His Legacy

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Author: Margaret Dukes
Contributor(s)/Artiste(s): David Dukes/Neena Dev/Rashmi Mehrotra et al
Publisher: Chinmaya Mission Trust
Year: 2011
Language: English
Pages: 438
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9781608270071


Swami Chinmayananda, known the world over as Gurudev, walked, talked, and lived Vedanta. Many called him a living Scripture.

This books offers a glimpse into Gurudev's spiritual vision, his teachings, and the vast legacy he left behind - the worldwide organization called Chinmaya Mission, through which the priceless knowledge of Vedanta is being taught. The first part of this book presents Gurudev's teachings of Vedanta in an engaging narrative as seen through the eyes of a seeker named Maya.

Then we take a close look at the Sandeepany Sadhanalayas, the premier Institutes of Vedanta that Gurudev established for in-depth teaching of Vedanta.

They are now considered to be one of his greatest contributions to the world of spiritulity. Personal stories of Sandeepany students abound, giving insight into the inspiring journeys of many who studied there. After that, we are taken on a tour through some of the many Chinmaya temples and altars around the globe.

The book ends with a look at the future vision of Chinmaya Mission. A true Guru's words live on, far beyond the time he spent in embodied form. Swami Chinmayananda is destined to remain a living scripture for untold generations to come.



Part One – The Journey

1. The Journey Begins
2. The Genius of the Chart
3. Fragrance is the Culprit
4. The Three Yogas
5. Clicking-in
6. The Caravan of Life

Part Two – The Guru

7. In His Company
8. Embodiment of the Goal

Part Three – Learning Together

9. Yagnas : The Fire of Knowledge
10. Spiritual camps – Complete Immersion

Part Four – Where Scriptures Speak – Sandeepanys

11. Speaking from the Heart !
12. Background, birth, and Blessings
13. A Spiritual City of Mirrors
14. The Ganga Flows West
15. The Abode of Siddhas
16. The Heat of Action Spreads
17. Coursework in Man-Making
18. Inspiration and Aspirations
19. West Seeks East
20. The Spiritual Metamorphosis
21. Acaryas Reflect

Part Five – Atlars That Alter Life

22. Idols of the Ideal
23. The Devotee and The Lord
24. The Flute-bearer and the Elephant-God
25. Other Temples and House Divine
26. The Chinmaya Vedaputras

Part Six – Frontiers of Spirituality

27. Mission and Vision
28. Linking the World
29. His Lasting Message

Appendix – Global Tours
Patrons and Contributors
Transliteration and Pronunciation Guide