Mantra Magic & Miracle  - A Scientific Exploration

Mantra Magic & Miracle - A Scientific Exploration

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Author: Badiuddin Khan
Hasan Jawaid Khan/
Publisher: National Book Trust
Year: 2011
Language: English
Pages: 142
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788123755144


This book aims to take its readers on a scientific exploration of age-old concepts and beliefs that have no validity today, besides intending to free us of the many baseless, irrelevant and irrational belief that have conditioned our mind since ages.

While discussing issues of blind faith, its social impact and the origins of irrational beliefs, the authors also analyse scientifically popular ‘magic’ or miracles, resorted to by godmen and quacks prove them as being nothing more than tricks to cheat.


“…Through the growth of superstition and obscurantism , there is also the growth of totally irrational approaches to dealing with problems in life, and the development of dogmatism and of fundamentalism whose consequences we are all witness to.”
--- Prof. M.G. K. Menon


Do You Know?

1. A Coincidence
2. Gullibility and Blind Faith
3. How Did it All Begin?
4. Science, Religion and Tu-Hako
5. The Alchemy of Faith
6. The Process of Living and Miracle Mania
7. Science, Society and the Supernatural
8. Mind in a Muddle
9. Religious thought and the Web of Illusion
10. Frequently asked Questions