Alasinga Perumal - An Illustrious Disciple of Swami Vivekananda

Alasinga Perumal - An Illustrious Disciple of Swami Vivekananda

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Author: Swami Sunirmalananda
Publisher: Sri Ramakrishna Math
Year: 2012
Language: English
Pages: 342
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788178236032


Alasinga Perumal (1865-1909) was a disciple of Swami Vivekananda. He Played a Pivotal role in Swamiji’s going to the west and also helped materialize many of Swamiji’s ideas regarding starting of Ramakrishna Movement in India.

Hailing from an orthodox background, he was born in Chikkamagalur in Karnataka and later, after many ups and downs in life, Shifted to Madras where he taught in a collage. He met Swamiji in 1892 when the latter visited Madras as a wandering monk. Swamiji addressed many of his letters to Alasinga and had much appreciation for Alasinga’s selfless and pure Character.

Here is the story of an extraordinary individual whose legendry dedication and commitment, and devotion to his Guru are an everlasting source of inspiration and strength.


“One rarely finds a man like our Alasinga in this world-one so unselfish, so hard-working, and devoted to his Guru, and such an obedient disciple is indeed very rare on earth.”
--- Swami Vivekananda


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1. The Forerunners
2. The Invocations
3. The Invocation
4. The Kind Teacher
5. The Stage for Advent of the Prophet
6. The Descent of the Divine
7. Meeting His Guru
8. Preparations for Swamiji’s visit to the west
9. The Parliament of Religions
10. Challenges after the Parliament
11. The Narasimha Episode
12. Founding of Young Men’s Hindu Association
13. Refuting False Claims
14. In the Service of His Master
15. Concern of the Disciple
16. The Brahmavadin
17. In touch with Swamiji in England
18. Literary Services of Alasinga Perumal
19. After Swamiji’s Return
20. Last Years

A. Balagangadhar Tilak’s Letter to Alasinga
B. A Tribute by Subrahmanya Bharathi
C. Swami Vivekananda’s Letters of Alasinga